Legislative Solutions You Can Share with Your Legislators to be Filed as Bills

State: US
Published: 2022-11-16
Expires: 2023-12-31

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Legislative Solutions You Can Share with Your Legislators to be Filed as Bills

Legislators like being presented with possible solutions when you share your concerns. This is how change happens. It starts with you using your voice.  Let’s reform corrupt and forceful vaccination policies and laws in the United States of America.  

NVIC Model Language to Prevent Vaccine Mandates and Discrimination

NVIC has comprehensive model language you can share with your legislators to prevent vaccine mandates in the following areas: employment, medical care, long-term or nursing home care, insurance, school and childcare, emergency powers and agency rule.  It also prohibits discrimination and right of access restrictions based on vaccine or immunity status, connecting vaccination or immunity status to a driver’s license or state identification documents, and prohibiting forced inclusion or assumed consent for vaccine tracking systems.

Example Bills

The language filed in these bills represent some of the best of these categories by our analysis. You can share these bills with your legislators and ask them to file them in your state. When talking to your legislators, tell them how you and your family are personally affected by these issues. This is what they remember and can inspire them. 

For more analysis and information on each of these bills, click on the bill number.

Prohibiting Vaccine Mandates or Passports

Businesses and state and local government entities go too far when they require patrons, employees, or citizens to receive injections of biological products that can injure or kill them and have unknown future consequences.  People need the protection granted by laws when government entities or private business violate informed consent rights, such as requiring use of a pharmaceutical product, which carries known and unknown risks that can be greater for some people, as a condition of holding a job or getting a school education.

TX SB 1669 (2021) Prohibits vaccine mandates and discrimination based on vaccination or immunity status, provides for penalties (note: this bill represents the model language developed by NVIC’s director of Advocacy)

TX SB 968 (2021) Prohibits the state from issuing vaccine passports for COVID-19 & business from requiring documentation

OK SB 350 (2022) Establishes that no child shall be required to receive a vaccine as a condition for school

Prohibiting Discrimination over Vaccine Status 

It isn’t enough to protect the legal right to exercise informed consent in the vaccine decision making process and to prohibit vaccine mandates. An employer, the government, or a business should not be able to legally discriminate against you and retaliate for declining a vaccine you have decided you don’t want or need. Some states, which have prohibited employer vaccine mandates or required exemptions to employer vaccine mandates, have seen employers make working conditions so miserable for an employee declining a vaccine that the protections in place for allowing employees to exercise informed consent to vaccination do little good. Anti-discrimination provisions must accompany legal protections prohibiting mandates.

AZ HB 2623 (2022) Prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status or the possession of an immunity passport, amends existing discrimination protections

MT HB 702 (2021) Establishes it is unlawful to discriminate based on vaccination status or immunity passports

FL SB 988 (2022) Prohibits healthcare facilities from preventing visitation based on visitors' vaccine or immunization status

TX HB 81 (2023) Prohibits any person from compelling or coercing an individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, requires informed consent

Limiting and Eliminating Vaccine Tracking

NVIC has opposed the mandatory inclusion of Americans in government operated electronic vaccine and health records tracking systems since the 1990s. Once personal medical information is put into a state government database, federal law allows that information to be shared without knowledge or consent for conducting public health surveillance, investigations, research, or interventions and for public health purposes. See 45 CFR 64.512(b)(2) and see a list of core data elements that can be gathered and included in electronic vaccine tracking registry systems.  

Forced inclusion, forced reporting, and opt-out (rather than opt-in) electronic vaccine tracking registries and mandatory vaccination systems continue to threaten the medical privacy of citizens and their legal right to decline vaccines without being subjected to coercion or societal sanctions.

NVIC is prioritizing legislation that includes opt-in informed consent protections in vaccine tracking registries and removes public funding for vaccine registries that do not include opt-in informed consent protections.

NH HB 1606 (2022) Requires individuals to give opt-in consent for their information to be included in the state’s electronic vaccine tracking registry

Prohibiting Minor Consent

AL HB 19 (2022) Requires parental consent for an unemancipated minor to be administered a vaccine (note: existing law in AL allows minors 14 and older to consent to treatment, this bill amends that law that we don’t support with the following language we do support: “an unemancipated minor may not give consent to the administration of vaccinations for himself or herself without consent of a parent or legal guardian”)

MN SF 2394 (2022) Requires consent for vaccination, prohibits coercion and discrimination (note: adds new section that states “No vaccination shall be administered in this state unless the individual receiving the vaccine gives written consent to the vaccination. For a child or an individual who is unable to give consent, the parent or legal guardian shall first give written consent prior to the administration of a vaccine”)

Not vaccinating, not considered child abuse or medical neglect

OK HB 4316 (2022) Establishes in state law that vaccination status shall not be a factor in any administrative or judicial decree, order, or judgment of deprived status, child neglect, child abuse, child support, parental rights, custody, visitation, or guardianship

IL HB 1910 (2021) Establishes a child is not neglected solely based on the parent refusing vaccines or other specified care

CO HB 1297 (2020 – introduced version) Clarifies that delaying or declining a vaccine by itself is not child abuse or neglect