Who represents me?

Use the section below to determine your elected officials in your State and in the U.S. Congress. The lookup uses the zip code that you supplied to us when you registered. If you did not enter a 9 digit zip code, the lookup may not be able to determine your specific State Representative and Senator. You can determine your last 4 digits of your 9 digit zip code on the USPS Website. You can update your zip code using Edit Your Profile.

Click on the name of the elected official you wish to contact to display contact information and links to his/her official web pages and online contact forms.

This option to find your elected officials will also appear in the right of your screen simultaneously when you are viewing state and national action alerts on either your state team or national pages.

You must register as a member to use this feature. Alternatively, you can navigate to your state page on our site and use the state government website links to obtain similar information.