Prohibits political subdivisions from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for employment, does not apply to healthcare facilities or ambulance services

State: MO
Bill Number: HB 1606
Position: WATCH
Action Required: None
Status: Enacted, signed by Governor 6/29/2022, effective 1/1/2023

Legislation Details:

UPDATE: 6/29/2022 - The governor signed HB 1606, and the bill will be effective on 1/1/2023. 

HB 1606 was delivered to the governor on 5/18/2022.  This bill deals mostly with changes to political subdivisions, however the final version sent to the governor includes the following new Section 6:

No public employee, as that term is defined in section 105.500, shall be required by any political subdivision to receive a vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of commencing or continuing employment. As used in this section, the term "political subdivision" shall not include any facility that meets the definition of hospital in section 197.020, any long term care facility licensed under chapter 198, any entity that meets the definition of facility in section 199.170, any facility certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), any state department or agency, or employees  thereof, that are part of an onsite survey team performing federal oversight of certified providers and suppliers for CMS, or any entity or individual licensed under sections 190.001 to 190.245.  Current law, Section 190, covers ambulance services. 

NVIC Advocacy supports prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine mandates for public employees, but not the exceptions. - text, status and history for HB 1606