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Forced Inclusion in Vaccine Tracking System by repealing required OPT-IN Informed Consent

Location: TX
Title: Forced Inclusion in Vaccine Tracking System by repealing required OPT-IN Informed Consent
Identifier: HB 574 / SB56
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: None at this time
Status: HB 574 died in the house, SB56 failed to move out of committee


OPPOSE HB 574 / SB 56

Senator Judith Zaffirini and Representative Donna Howard have filed very bad bills Senate Bill 56  and House Bill 574 which obliterate the current law requiring opt-in informed consent  for the vaccine tracking system and would  now gives the Department of Health a free pass to steal your  or your child's status and records from your doctor and put them in an intrusive vaccine tracking enforcement computer system without your permission.  These few legislators has been trying for years to gut your rights and change the vaccine tracking registry.

These bills are effectively dead in this legislative session thanks to your hard work, BUT there has already been one attempt to amend the language onto another unrelated bill so for that reason, please go to the alert section and follow instructions for contacting your Representative to ask them to oppose any amendment to the registry.

For detailed information, please see the corresponding alert for these bills. 

Check out slides 8-25 in PROVE's invited testimony to the Texas Senate on reviewing statutes governing ImmTrac explaining why Senator Zaffirini's and Representaive Howard's plan of removing opt-in informed consent is just plain WRONG. 

For more information on the history of this fight for parents to keep their child's vaccination records/status private, including a record of those legislators like Senator Zaffirini who keep trying to erode parental rights and those who recognize the state needs to ask before taking your kids' records, please visit