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Mandates flu vaccines for health care personnel

Location: IL
Title: Mandates flu vaccines for health care personnel
Identifier: SB 741
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: None at this time
Status: Failed to move out of the full Senate in 2017


UPDATE: 6/16/2017 - SB741 failed to move out of the full senate.  However, bills can carry over from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years.

UPDATE: 5/1/2017 - SB 741 had 2nd reading on 4/26 and is scheduled for 3rd reading with a deadline of 5/31/2017.

UPDATE: 3/30/2017 - SB0741 passed the Senate Public Health Committee on 3/29/2017 with one minor amendment that provides that certified local health departments with jurisdiction over areas with more than 500,000 residents (rather than all certified local health departments) may be subject to a requirement from the Department of Public Health to implement an influenza program.  The bill is waiting to be heard by the full senate.  

Continue to call your Illinois State Senator and ask them to VOTE NO on SB0741, flu mandates. 

UPDATE: 3/22/2107 - SB 741 is scheduled for a public hearing on March 28, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the Senate Committee on Public Health. - hearing notice 

UPDATE: 3/21/201 - SB 741 is waiting for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Public Health.  The deadline for this bill to come out of this committee has been set as April 7, 2017.  Please see action alert for additional information and action items on this bill. 

UPDATE: 3/8/2017 - SB 741 was scheduled for a hearing on 3/7/17 in the Senate Committee on Assignments.  One amendment has been filed -  That hearing was postponed to:

Hearing Scheduled for Mar 14, 2017

Chairperson Patricia Van Pelt
Vice-Chairperson John Mulroe
Minority Spokesperson Dave Syverson
Scheduled Date: Mar 14, 2017 1:00PM
Location: 400 Capitol
Springfield, IL
Posting Date: Mar 08, 2017 1:25PM

UPDATE: 2/21/2017 - The hearing that was scheduled for SB 741 on 2/15/2017 was postponed. The definition of postpone in the IL General Assembly means - Postpone

To delay consideration of a bill or resolution until a specific legislative day or hour of the same day.

UPDATE 2/10/2017: SB 741 is scheduled for a hearing on 2/15/2017.

UPDATE 2/9/2017: SB 741 was assigned to the Senate Committee on Public Health on 2/8/2017.

SB 741 was introduced on 1/30/2017 and referred to assignments.  This bill is sponsored by Senator Emil Jones, III.  

This bill would amend current law that allows the Department of Public Health to require licensed facilities to implement a flu vaccination policy that ensures employees are offered an opportunity to be vaccinated for flu.  

If passed this bill would change the policy from offering a flu vaccine to ensuring health care personal are vaccinated against seasonal influenza and any other novel or pandemic influenza viruses as vaccines become available.  The department would adopt rules for the requirements of the flu vaccine program.  

The rules could include exemptions.  However the new law would specifically state that general philosophical or moral reluctance to influenza vaccinations is not a sufficient basis for an exemption to statutory requirements. Medical exemptions shall be consistent with current guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Local health departments and licensed facilities would not be prohibited from adopting more stringent policies including mandatory flu vaccination. - text, status and history