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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q: How do I unsubscribe and unregister my login from

When you unregister your account, your login is disabled, your personal information is no longer accessible, and you will no longer receive subscription emails from

If you are logged in, take the following steps to unregister your account using the Edit My Profile page under the Members menu:

  1. On the Edit My Profile page,. click on the Edit Profile link at the bottom of the My Profile section
  2. On the Manage Profile page, click the Manage User Credentials link
  3. On the Manage User Credentials page, select Unregister (Note: There is no confirmation prompt)

If you have forgotten your username and password and you want to unregister your account, please use the Unsubscribe page to email us to request that we manually unregister you. Please let us know your email address, your name, your login name, if known, and share with us the reason for unregistering.

Q: How do I retrieve my password?

When you attempt to login you can click on Retrieve Password link, or just click this link Retrieve Password. On the new page that is displayed, please specify either you account username or email address in the appropriate field, and click the Send Password button. Your password will be sent in an email to the email address associated with your account.