South Dakota Advocacy

Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center South Dakota State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

There are no active action alerts at this time, but please check back soon.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Position Status Title
SD SB 211 2022-03-11 SUPPORT Died, conference committee voted not to concur and not to appoint another committee on 3/9/2022 As amended by House 3/7, Establishes COVID-19 Freedom of Conscience Act
SD HB 1256 2022-03-10 WATCH Died, withdrawn by the sponsor on 2/17/2022 Allows exemptions to employer mandates except for the SD National Guard
SD HB 1211 2022-03-04 SUPPORT Died, deferred to the 41st day by Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 3/2/2022 Voids certain contract provisions if the employer mandates COVID-19 vaccination
SD HB 1258 2022-03-02 SUPPORT Died, Senate HHS Committee deferred to "41st Legislative Day," killing the bill Establishes the Vaccine Freedom of Conscience Act, allows refusal of COVID-19 Vaccines
SD HB 1224 2022-02-22 SUPPORT Died, House Taxation Committee voted to defer to "41st Legislative Day," killing the bill Extends unemployment benefits to individuals who are unemployed due to not receiving a COVID vaccine
SD HB 1212 2022-02-17 SUPPORT Died, withdrawn by the sponsor on 2/16/2022 Prohibits state government/private employers from requiring proof of COVID vaccination/post recovery
SD HB 1262 2022-02-17 WATCH Died, withdrawn by the sponsor by 2/16/2022 Establishes in Human Rights Code it is unfair practice to discriminate based on vaccination status
SD HB 1008 2022-02-16 SUPPORT Died, failed in House Judiciary Committee vote on 2/16/2022 Allows employees to sue employers for damages caused by mandatory vaccines


The following table lists postings about events, initiatives, people, and pretty much anything related to protecting and expanding your rights!