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Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center New Hampshire State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

There are no active action alerts at this time, but please check back soon.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Date Position Title Status
NH HB 408 2023-08-04 SUPPORT Requires vaccine exemption rights and non-altered vaccine schedule for children living in foster home who are not foster children Status: ENACTED, signed by Governor Sununu & effective 8/4/2023; Chapter 193

Action: NONE
NH SB 35 2023-06-01 OPPOSE Authorizes pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and licensed advanced pharmacy technicians to administer an RSV vaccine to adults Status: ENACTED, Signed by Governor Christopher Sununu on 6/1/2023, Effective 6/1/2023, Chapter 53

Action: NONE
NH HB 10 2023-05-22 SUPPORT Establishes a parental bill of rights which includes the right of a parent to exempt his or her minor child from immunizations Status: Bill failed to pass Full House; motion to lay HB 10 on the table passed by vote of 193 Yes, 192 No on 3/22/2023, can carryover to 2024

Action: Contact your Representative and Senator, ask to SUPPORT
NH SB 272 2023-05-18 WATCH Establishes a parental bill of rights, includes religious exemptions to immunizations, and a mechanism to notify parents of their rights Status: Died, House voted to "Indefinitely Postpone" on vote on 5/18/2023 by vote of 195 Ayes, 190 Nays; passed Senate 3/16/2023, no carryover to 2024

Action: NONE
NH HB 575 2023-03-23 SUPPORT Prohibits state agencies from buying, promoting, or distributing any vaccine, pharmaceutical product not tested with voluntary, human clinical trials Status: Died, House voted inexpedient to Legislate on 3/23/2023 by vote of 192 Yes, 186 No

Action: NONE
NH HB 557 2023-03-23 SUPPORT Removes the rulemaking authority of the commissioner of health and human services on immunization requirements beyond diseases in statute Status: Died, House voted inexpedient to legislate on 3/23/2023 by vote of 194 Yes, 185 No

Action: NONE
NH HB 539 2023-03-22 SUPPORT Requires parental/guardian presence for minor vaccination during school vaccination clinics & restricts hours of school vaccination clinics Status: Motion passed to lay bill on the table, on 3/22/2023 by vote of 257 Yes, 123 No; Bill can carry over to 2024

Action: None at this time
NH HB 425 2023-03-22 OPPOSE Repeals Medical Freedom in Immunizations law as passed on July 23 2021 Status: Died, House found it Inexpedient to Legislate on 3/22/2023 by voice vote

Action: NONE
NH HB 551 2023-03-09 OPPOSE Requires Division for Children & Families to track data points including number & percent of children fully/not fully vaccinated by 1st day of school Status: Died, House found it Inexpedient to Legislate by voice vote on 3/9/2023 after House Children & Family Law Committee recommended "ITL"

Action: NONE


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