Nebraska Advocacy

Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center Nebraska State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

The following table lists the active action alerts for all states.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Date Position Title Status
NE LB 374 2023-02-25 SUPPORT Establishes a parent's right to make vaccination and immunization decisions as part of a broad parental right's bill Hearing held in the Education Committee on 1/31/2023, no action taken as of 2/25/2023

Action: Contact Members of the Education Committee & your senator, ask them to support LB 374
NE LB 642 2023-02-14 SUPPORT Requires Adjutant General to provide Members of the National Guard who were discharged for refusing COVID vaccines to be invited to reenlist Scheduled for hearing in Government, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee on 2/23/2023 at 1:30 PM in Room 1507

Action: Contact Members of Government, Military & Veterans Affairs Comm & your Senator, ask them to SUPPORT
NE LB 421 2023-02-08 OPPOSE Requires local health directors to issue & enforce directed health measures, that could include vaccination, adopted by city councils/county boards Scheduled for a hearing in the Health and Human Services Committee on 2/15/2023 at 1:30 pm in Room 1510

Action: Contact your Senator & Health & Human Services Committee Members, ask them to OPPOSE LB 421
NE LB 202 2023-01-17 OPPOSE Allows pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines for ages three and up Scheduled for hearing in Health & Human Services Committee on Thurs 1/26/2023 in Room 1510 at 1:30pm (options for testimony listed)

Action: Contact Health & Human Services Committee Members and your senator, ask them to OPPOSE LB 202


There are no announcements available at this time, but please check back soon.