Massachusetts Advocacy

Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center Massachusetts State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

There are no active action alerts at this time, but please check back soon.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Position Status Title
MA H.4813 2022-09-22 OPPOSE Accompanied by a study order H5281 on 9/22/2022 Eliminates religious belief exemption for vaccines required for schools, mandates reporting
MA S.3104 2022-09-08 OPPOSE Passed committee on 9/8/2022 and placed in the Orders of the Day for the next session Allows families of of New Bedford city employees who worked in-person and died from COVID-19 to receive benefits, unless employees were unvaccinated
MA H.2228/S.1398 2022-09-06 OPPOSE H.2228 accompanied study order H.5035 on 9/6/2022 Allows immunization data in the registry to be given to insurance companies without consent
MA H.2276 2022-09-06 OPPOSE Accompanied study order H.5035 on 9/6/2022 Requires the Dept. of Health to publish a daily COVID Vaccine report on it's web site
MA S.330/H.706 2022-09-01 SUPPORT S.330 accompanied a study order on 3/14/2022, H.706 accompanied study order on 9/1/2022 Removes ability of health dept. to deny medical exemptions to vaccination, protects privacy
MA H.2865 2022-08-29 OPPOSE Accompanies study order H.5043 on 8/29/2022 Provides state tax credit to individuals who submit proof of COVID-19 Vaccination with tax return
MA Amendment S.3030 to H.5034/S.3018 2022-07-29 OPPOSE Adopted on 7/21/2022 Restricts medical and religious exemptions to vaccines required for school, requires health care provider signature on religious exemption/state form
MA H.498 2022-07-20 SUPPORT Accompanied study order H.4968 on 7/20/2022 Requires vaccine providers to report adverse events to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System/VAERS
MA H.2411 2022-05-28 OPPOSE Replaced and reported favorably out of Public Health Committee on 5/26/2022, see H.4813 Eliminates the religious belief exemption for vaccines required for school
MA S.1517/H.2271 2022-05-28 OPPOSE H.2271 replaced and reported favorably out of Public Health Committee on 5/26/2022, see H.4813 Government Takeover of all Medical and Religious Belief Exemptions, Minor Consent, Reporting
MA S.1468 2022-02-16 SUPPORT Accompanied study order S.2692 on 2/14/2022 Requires dept. to hold hearings/comply with administrative procedure law before adding vaccines
MA HD 4416 2021-12-18 SUPPORT Referred to the Committee on COVID-19 & Emergency Preparedness on 12/16/2021 Prohibits government, schools and businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
MA S.2499 2021-12-05 OPPOSE Hearing held in the Joint Committee on Higher Education on 10/7/2021 Mandates all community colleges require COVID-19 vaccine for students and employees on campus
MA H.2370/S.1515 2021-12-05 OPPOSE Hearing held in the Joint Committee on Public Health on 7/12/2021 Sets up a vaccination and education outreach program, including mobile vaccination vehicles
MA S.2516 2021-03-14 WATCH Accompanied a study order on 3/14/2022 Mandatory masking for childcare and K-12 school students, paid time off to get COVID-19 Vaccine


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