California Advocacy

Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center California State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

The following table lists the active action alerts for all states.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Position Status Title
CA AB 1797 2022-05-19 OPPOSE Passed Assembly Appropriations Committee and ordered to Third Reading on 5/19/2022 Mandates reporting of race/ethnicity to vaccine tracking system and assessments by schools/county human services, mandates reporting of all ages
CA SB 866 2022-05-19 OPPOSE Referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee on 5/19/2022 Allows minors 12 and older to consent to any FDA approved & ACIP recommended vaccine
CA AB 1847 2022-05-19 WATCH Vaccine language removed from bill Vaccine language removed from bill - no action needed at this time
CA SB 871 2022-05-13 OPPOSE Referred to Senate Health, Education, and Judiciary on 2/23/2022, Rescinded from Judiciary 2/24 Mandates COVID Vaccines for daycare/K-12/college, removes personal exemption for any new mandates
CA AB 2098 2022-05-12 OPPOSE Read second time in Assembly and ordered to Third Reading Establishes it is unprofessional conduct for physicians to provide COVID info/care outside SOC
CA SB 1390 2022-04-22 OPPOSE Cancelled: Hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee on 4/26/2022 Prohibits social media platforms from amplifying harmful content, including misinformation regarding medicine or vaccines, establishes penalty
CA SB 1464 2022-04-19 OPPOSE Amended, removed from Senate Health 4/20, Public Safety Committee 4/26 hearing postponed Requires sheriffs & local officials to enforce local health orders, removes state funds if they oppose and re-allocates to local public health depts.
CA AB 1993 2022-03-30 OPPOSE Removed from hearing in the Assembly Labor & Employment Committee on 3/30/2022 Mandates employers require employees provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19
CA AB 2539 2022-02-22 OPPOSE Introduced on 2/17/2022 Requires entities requiring proof of COVID vaccines to accept government issued digital records
CA AB 1785 2022-02-17 SUPPORT Referred to Assembly Education and Judiciary Committees on 2/10/2022 Creates Parents' Bill of Rights, requires schools to publish information about vaccine mandates
CA AB 1102 2021-09-10 OPPOSE Died Allows employers to mandate COVID-19 Vaccines for employees
CA AB 455 2021-08-30 OPPOSE Died Mandates employers and businesses require proof of COVID-19 Vaccination


The following table lists postings about events, initiatives, people, and pretty much anything related to protecting and expanding your rights!