Arizona Advocacy

Welcome to the National Vaccine Information Center Arizona State Team page. This page, along with the email updates you will receive, will help keep you informed of what you can do in your state to help you protect and expand your rights to informed consent to vaccination.

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Action Needed Now

The following table lists the active action alerts for all states.

Bills to Watch

The following table lists the active bills of interest for all states.

State Bill Number Position Status Title
AZ HB 2086 2022-05-17 SUPPORT Passed Senate 5/17/2022 and transmitted to the governor. Prohibits DHS director from mandating COVID-19 Vaccines for schoolchildren
AZ HB 2371 2022-05-17 SUPPORT Passed Senate in 17:11 vote Prohibits government entities from requiring minors receive COVID-19 Vaccines without parental consent
AZ HB 2498 2022-04-26 WATCH Enacted, signed by the Governor on 4/25/2022, Chapter 180, Effective 90 days after adjournment Prohibits government entities from requiring COVID-19 Vaccination, except healthcare institutions owned or operated by the state
AZ HB 2100/SB 1167 2022-04-01 OPPOSE SB 1167 House Committee on Rules 4/4/2022, HB 2100 House Rules Committee Hearing 2/21 Allows non-profits to use/disclose private information in the AZ Immunization Information System
AZ SB 1393 2022-03-30 SUPPORT Scheduled for hearing in House Judiciary Committee on 3/23/2022 Establishes patients have the right to refuse COVID treatment, including vaccination, by hospitals/health care providers
AZ SB 1346 2022-03-28 SUPPORT On House Consent Calendar for 3/28/2022 Prohibits state employees from inquiring about a person's vaccination status door-to-door
AZ SB 1567 2022-03-23 WATCH Passed House Judiciary on 3/23/2022 Requires employers to allow employees to claim religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandates & establishes Attorney General complaint process
AZ HB 2619 2022-03-23 SUPPORT Passed Senate Health & Human Services Committee on 3/23/2022 Requires health dept. post COVID-19 Vaccine adverse events from VAERS on their website
AZ SB 1494 2022-03-15 SUPPORT Passed House Commerce Committee on 3/15/2022 Prohibits disqualifying individuals for unemployment benefits if fired for not getting COVID vaccine
AZ SB 1053 2022-02-23 SUPPORT Passed Senate third reading 16-12, 2 not voting. Adds penalty to state law requiring reasonable accommodation for religious exemptions/COVID Vaccine
AZ HB 2043 2022-02-17 WATCH HB 2043 on House Calendar Establishes employers are liable for injury caused to employees by mandated COVID-19 Vaccines
AZ SB 1052 2022-02-09 WATCH Held in committee after hearing in Senate Health & Human Services Committee on 2/9/2022 Prohibits state government from requiring medical procedures, including vaccines, if they could cause death
AZ HB 2198 2022-02-08 SUPPORT HB 2198 passed the House Rules Committee on 2/7/2022 Requires employers who fired workers over COVID vaccine mandate to rehire them or pay severance
AZ SB 1414 2022-02-07 SUPPORT Assigned to the Senate Commerce Committee on 2/7/2022 Prohibits any government entity or person doing business in AZ from mandating COVID-19 Vaccines
AZ SB 1698 2022-02-05 OPPOSE Introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on 2/2/2022 Expands current child vaccine tracking system to include adults
AZ HB 2611 2022-02-02 SUPPORT Introduced and referred to the House Judiciary Committee on 1/31/2022 Prohibits state government/people doing business from mandating COVID Vaccines on employee/students
AZ HB 2191 2022-01-20 SUPPORT Referred to House Rules, Education and Health and Human Services Committees and 2nd reading on 1/19 Prohibits schools from requiring COVID-19 Vaccines & vaccines under EUA, requires rulemaking
AZ HB 2022 2022-01-12 SUPPORT Referred to the Rules Committee on 1/11/2022 Repeals authority of governor and health dept. director to mandate treatment and vaccination
AZ SB 1052 2022-01-12 WATCH Referred to the House Committee on Health and Human Services on 1/11/2022 Repeals current ban on vaccine passports, prohibits government/business requiring medical procedure
AZ HB 2020 2021-12-15 OPPOSE Prefiled for 2022 legislative session Repeals prohibition of vaccine passports by the state, replaces with exemptions for test results


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