Requires AG to investigate Pharma companies re: development, promotion, distribution of COVID vaccines, set criminal penalties, report to legislature

State: MS
Bill Number: HB 1370
Position: SUPPORT
Action Required: NONE
Status: Died, Failed to be scheduled for hearing in House Public Health and Human Services Committee before 1/31/2023 deadline for committee passage

Legislation Details:

UPDATE: 1/31/2023 - HB 1370 died. It failed to be scheduled for a hearing in the House Public Health and Human Services Committee before the before 1/31/2023 deadline for committee passage.
HB 1370 was introduced and referred to the House Public Health and Human Services Committee on 1/16/2023. It was sponsored by Representative Carolyn Crawford. 

HB 1370 would require the Attorney General to:

  • commence an investigation into the activities of pharmaceutical companies in Mississippi relating to the development, promotion and distribution of vaccines purported to prevent Covid-19 infection, symptoms and transmission; 
  • declare certain findings; to specify certain criminal offenses that must be included in the scope of the investigation; and
  • require the Attorney General to submit a status report to the legislature before January 1 of each year that the investigation is ongoing, which report may not include information that is confidential or potentially threatening to the integrity of the investigation. - text, status, and history of HB 1370