Changes Medicaid recipient's notifications for vaccine reminders from opt-in to opt-out

State: TX
Bill Number: HB 2802/SB 1127
Position: OPPOSE
Action Required: NONE
Status: ENACTED, HB 2802 signed by Governor Greg Abbott on 6/11/2023, Effective 9/1/2023

Legislation Details:

UPDATE: 6/11/2023 - HB 2802 was Enacted, it was signed by Governor Greg Abbott on 6/11/2023. It is effective on 9/1/2023.

UPDATE: 5/22/2023 - HB 2802 was sent to the Governor on 5/22/2023.

UPDATE: 5/18/2023 - HB 2802 was reported enrolled on 5/18/2023.

UPDATE: 5/17/2023 - HB 2802 passed the Senate on a third and final reading on 5/17/2023.

UPDATE: 5/11/2023 - HB 2802 was recommended for the local & uncontested calendar on 5/11/2023.

UPDATE: 5/11/2023 - HB 2802 passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee without amendments on 5/11/2023. 

UPDATE: 5/8/2023 - HB 2802 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday, 5/10/2023 at 8:00 am in the Senate Chamber. The agenda is here

UPDATE: 4/20/2023 - HB 2802 was referred to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 4/20/2023. 

UPDATE: 4/19/2023 - HB 2802 passed the 3rd Reading on 4/19/2023 by vote of 120 Yeas, 27 Nays, and was reported Engrossed. It was then received in the Senate.

UPDATE: 4/18/2023 - HB 2802 passed the 2nd Reading on 4/18/2023.

UPDATE: 4/14/2023 - HB 2802 was placed on the General State Calendar for 4/18/2023. 

UPDATE: 4/4/2023 - HB 2802 passed the House Human Services Committee on 4/4/2023. 

UPDATE: 3/28/2023 - HB 2802 was left pending in the House Human Services Committee after a public hearing on 3/28/2023. 

HB 2802 was filed on 2/24/2023 and referred to the House Human Services Committee on 3/14/2023. This bill is sponsored by Representative Toni Rose.

SB 1127 was filed on 2/23/2023 and referred to the Senate Health & Human Services Committee on 3/9/2023. This bill is sponsored by Senator César Blanco.

These bills change current law, Sec. 32.025 g concerning applications for Medical Assistance.

Current law states:

(g)  The application form, including a renewal form, adopted under this section must include:

(2)  for all applicants, a question regarding the applicant's preferences for being contacted by a managed care organization or health plan provider that provides the applicant with the option to be contacted by telephone, text message, or e-mail about health care matters, including reminders for appointments and information about immunizations or well check visits;

(B)  allows the applicant to consent to being contacted through the preferred contact methods by the applicant's managed care organization or health plan provider; and

These bills change this from an opt-in for reminders to an opt-out. NVIC is opposed to changing this opt-in to an opt-out. - text, status, and history of HB 2802 - text, status, and history of TX SB 1127