Prohibits Dept. of Child Services from requiring applicant for foster family license be vaccinated without allowing medical & religious exemptions

State: IN
Bill Number: HB 1164
Position: SUPPORT
Action Required: NONE
Status: Died, failed to be scheduled for hearing in House Committee on Family, Children and Human Affairs, session ended 4/29/2023

Legislation Details:

UPDATE: 4/29/2023 - HB 1164 died. It failed to be scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Family, Children and Human Affairs before the session ended on 4/29/2023.

HB 1164 was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Family, Children and Human Affairs on 1/10/2023.  This bill is sponsored by Representative Judy and Cosponsored by Representative King, Teshka and Patterson.  

This bill prohibits the Department of Child Services from requiring an individual applying for a foster family home license be required to be vaccinated unless the department allows exemptions for medical or religious grounds. 

Sec. 5.5. The department may not require an individual to undergo an immunization as a condition of issuing the individual a license under this chapter, or as a condition of renewing a license issued to the individual under this chapter, if the individual provides to the department:

(1) written notice that the individual objects to the immunization on religious grounds; or

(2) written certification from a physician that the immunization is or may be detrimental to the individual's health.

NVIC supports this prohibition, however the bill should also include the children living in the foster family home who are not in foster care. 

If passed, the new law would go into effect on July 1, 2023. - text, status and history for HB 1164