Prohibits discrimination based on vaccination/ immunity status in places of public accommodation & by governmental entities/employers with exceptions

State: UT
Bill Number: HB 131
Position: WATCH
Action Required: NONE
Status: ENACTED, signed by Governor Spencer Cox on 3/15/2023, Effective date 5/3/2023, Chapter 275

Legislation Details:

UPDATE: 3/15/2023 - HB 131 was signed by Governor Spencer Cox on 3/15/2023, with an effective date of 5/3/2023. Chapter 275.

UPDATE: 3/13/2023 - HB 131 was transmitted to Governor Spencer Cox on 3/13/2023.

UPDATE: 3/10/2023 - HB 131 passed the Third Reading in the full Senate on 3/1/2023 by a vote of 21 Yeas, 5 Nays and was enrolled on 3/10/2023.  Enrolled version  - 

UPDATE: 2/15/2023 - HB 131 passed the Second reading in the full Senate by a vote of 19 Yeas, 5 Nays, 5 Absent on 2/15/2023. It was placed on the Senate calendar for the Third reading. 

UPDATE: 2/9/2023 - HB 131 received a Favorable Recommendation from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee by a vote of 3 Yes, 2 No, 2 Absent. It was placed on the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar

UPDATE: 1/31/2023 - Referred to Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 1/31/2023.

UPDATE: 1/31/2023 - HB 131 passed from the House to the Senate. 

UPDATE: 1/30/2023 - HB 131 passed the 3rd reading in the full House by a vote of 60 Yeas, 13 Nays, 2 Absent or Abstaining and was received in the Senate on 1/30/2023. View the video HERE

UPDATE: 1/24/2023 - HB 131 passed the House Business and Labor Committee with amendments by a vote of 10 Yeas, 2 Nays, 3 Absent after the bill was amended by a vote of 12 Yeas, 0 Nays, 3 Absent to further restrict those for whom the passport ban does not apply. View amended text HERE. NVIC still cannot support the bill because of all the restrictions. 

UPDATE: 1/19/2023 - HB 131 was introduced on 1/17/2023 and referred to the House Business and Labor Committee on 1/19/2023. 

HB 131 was filed and sent for fiscal input on 12/28/2022.  This bill is sponsored by Representative Brooks

This bill makes it unlawful for a place of public accommodation to discriminate against an individual based on the individual's immunity status; with certain exceptions, prohibits a governmental entity from requiring proof of immunity status; with certain exceptions, makes it unlawful discrimination for an employer to require proof of immunity status; and prohibits a governmental entity or employer from requiring an individual to receive a vaccine.  

The bill provides some good protections against discrimination based on vaccination status, however the bill has several exceptions to these protections including, but not limited to, a regulated entity if compliance would result in a violation of binding, mandatory regulations or requirements that affect the regulated entity's funding issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and certain contracts for goods or services entered into before May 3, 2023.  See pages 5 and 6 of the full text as filed for exceptions - 

NVIC cannot support HB 131 because of all the restrictions for whom the passport ban does not apply. NVIC supports the prohibitions on discrimination based on vaccination status but these prohibitions should apply to all of the citizens of Utah. - text, status and history for HB 131