Stop AB499 STD Vaccines for Minor Children without Parental Consent

There is an extremely urgent threat to your right as parents to be able to decline vaccination for your minor child where immediate action needs to be taken this weekend to fight back.
While the legislation being voted on this coming Monday August 29th is in the Senate in the State of California, the precedent could be devastating to every family in the United States if they succeed and other states follow, and that is why we are reaching out to everyone for help to stop AB499
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our families dealing with hurricane Irene, and we know you have your hands full, so we really need everyone else to please step in and help.

Why is AB499 So Dangerous?
Even though you may make a conscientious informed decision to decline a vaccination for your child for a sexually transmitted disease like the controversial HPV Vaccine, AB499 permits a minor child 12 years old and older to consent to any vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease without parental knowledge or consent
There is an additional provision in the bill that states that parents aren’t liable for the payment for this “medical care” to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.    
One would think it would go without saying that minor children do not have the capacity to make informed medical decisions especially when these decisions involve weighing the risks of using a drug that has the potential to cause injury and even death, but the Pharma/Vaccination lobby has had far too much influence over these decisions, and unless we get these Senators’ attention loud and clear, our children may be bullied, harassed, or misinformed into consenting to using a vaccination that you clearly made a decision to already decline because the state is going to be forced to pay for it!
This is a parental rights issue where the state is attempting to assume your role as your child’s parent and this bill needs to be stopped. AB499 has already passed the house, been passed out of the appropriations committee, and is now on its second reading in the Senate. NVIC has already sent two alerts to California residents since June to oppose this legislation, but since those efforts to stop this bill have not been successful, we felt it was imperative to reach out to the entire country to help.

What Can You Do to Help?
1)    Forward This Alert to Everyone You Know taking special care to make sure you get this to as many California families as possible. 
(you can also post this link to Facebook
2)    Register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal at if this note was forwarded to you so you can get future alerts emailed directly to you. We will send another Alert by Tuesday morning.
3)    IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA: FAX and CALL Your State Senator this weekend asking that they VOTE NO on AB499 in the California Senate.
a) To find out who your State Senator is along with their contact information, log in to the NVIC Advocacy Portal and link to the California State Page and it will be automatically displayed on the right where all you have to do is click on your Senator’s name to see their contact information. You need to be registered with the NVIC Advocacy Portal for the portal to be able to use your address to calculate who your legislators are. If you already know who your senator is, look up their numbers below.
b) Please send a fax if you can because we were told by most offices they won’t read emails before Monday, but they will go through the faxes they receive on Monday morning before they vote.
c) If you can’t fax, leave a voice mail message. Mention your name, phone number and that you are a constituent and you want your Senator to VOTE NO on AB499 because when you say no to and Sexually Transmitted Disease Vaccine like HPV for your minor child, the state should respect that you’ve said no and not vaccinate your kid anyway.
4)    IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE US, please go through the list below and start FAXING and CALLING AND LEAVING SHORT VM MESSAGES to as many California Senators as you can ASKING THEM TO VOTE NO AB499. Randomly pick different ones – don’t everybody start at the top. The goal here is to flood as many offices with high numbers and get their attention so when they come in on Monday, their voice mailboxes are full and their fax machines are out of paper with messages from concerned families. Typically state legislators won’t listen to out of state people, but there isn’t really enough time for them to track area codes and we need really high numbers to get their attention. The fax or voice mail does not need to be fancy, it just needs to be short, sincere, unique to you, and done! Form letters and messages will not be good here so just explain in your own words why you don’t think minor children as young as 12 years old should be able to consent to vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without your opt-in parental consent and that the government/taxpayer should not be funding this run around the parent. 
5)    Continue Faxing and Calling throughout the weekend and even through Monday evening in case they don’t get to the vote on Monday, and we’ll send an update out on what you can do next. This alert will also be posted to the California State Team Page on the NVIC Advocacy Portal at so you can check there for updates.

Only if you have the time and If you want to add a few points in your fax, you could mention some of these in your own words:

·         If a child can’t legally decide on and vote for a president or a legislator, how can legislators say that they can chose to consent to a drug or vaccine that can cause serious side-effects or even death?
·         When you as a parent say NO you MEAN NO and expect the state to respect that and not allow for vaccine and drug pushers to go behind your back scare your vulnerable and impressionable child into consenting to something they don’t have the capacity to evaluate and truly consent to
·         There are vaccines being researched and developed for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia and this bill would let 12 year olds consent to these too without parental knowledge or consent. This isn’t just about HPV! It is a windfall for vaccine makers at the expense of the child and parent.
·         Vaccine Side Effects – how will the parent know to recognize a reaction and help their child if they don’t know their kid got the shot
·         Medical history and past vaccine reactions aren’t known to those trying to give these shots behind a parent’s back
·         There won’t be anyone who is responsible to monitor the child and track and report federally required reporting of Adverse Events that occur within 30 days of the vaccine
·         There won’t be anyone to file claims with vaccine injury compensation program within the statute of limitations on behalf of child to receive compensation for their care if they are hurt by the vaccine
·         Who is legally responsible for injuries and deaths caused by the vaccine or drugs given to a minor child behind a parent’s back?
·         This is a parental rights issue – CA needs to respect the right of parents to make these decisions and if the government can remove your rights as a parent to decline these vaccines here, what is next?
(916) 324-0283
(916) 651-4013
(916) 447-9008
(916) 651-4036
(916) 327-3523
(916) 651-4014
(916) 445-8081
(916) 651-4015
(916) 327-8755
(916) 651-4030
(916) 445-0773
(916) 651-4012
(916) 327-2433
(916) 651-4010
(916) 323-2323
(916) 651-4034
(916) 327-8817
(916) 651-4022
(916) 445-2527
(916) 651-4007
(916) 327-2272
(916) 651-4031
(916) 327-2187
(916) 651-4037
(916) 651-4002
(916) 322-3304
(916) 651-4018
(916) 324-2680
(916) 651-4001
(916) 327-1997
(916) 651-4009
(916) 445-9263
(916) 651-4035
(916) 445-0485
(916) 651-4024
(916) 324-0922
(916) 651-4029
(916) 327-2188
(916) 651-4039
(916) 445-7750
(916) 651-4004
(916) 445-4722
(916) 651-4003
(916) 323-6056
(916) 651-4028
(916) 324-7543
(916) 651-4021
(916) 327-9113
(916) 651-4027
(916) 445-0128
(916) 651-4032
(916) 324-6645
(916) 651-4020
(916) 324-4823
(916) 651-4023
(916) 445-8899
(916) 651-4026
(916) 327-5989
(916) 651-4016
(916) 445-4662
(916) 651-4017
(916) 323-4529
(916) 651-4011
(916) 323-2263
(916) 651-4006
(916) 324-7544
(916) 651-4019
(916) 327-3522
(916) 651-4040
(916) 445-9754
(916) 651-4033
(916) 323-2304
(916) 651-4005
(916) 445-3712
(916) 651-4025
(916) 446-7382
(916) 651-4038
(916) 327-2186
(916) 651-4008

Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy
National Vaccine Information Center and
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