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10/7/2021 Employment Last year's healthcare heroes, this year's social pariahs: How dozens of frontline workers - now dubbed COVID vaccine 'refuseniks' - are being fired, harassed or shunned at their jobs for refusing to comply with mandates Choice Thousands of American healthcare workers have been fired for failing to comply with Covid-19 vaccine mandates. ... Faced with the prospect of having the shot or losing their livelihood, these so-called 'refuseniks' have opted for the latter, going to bat, and in some cases going to court, in a concerted push-back against a mandate that, they argue, is unlawful, unnecessary and unsafe.
10/7/2021 Employment LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Will Not Enforce Vaccine Mandate Choice As law enforcement officers and healthcare workers are being forced to choose between getting a vaccine or losing their job, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he will not enforce the city’s vaccine mandate.
10/7/2021 Other Republican Activists and Lawmakers Implore Abbott to Act on Employer Vaccine Mandates Choice On Thursday, a group of Republican activists, officials, lawmakers, and Texans affected by vaccine mandates hosted a press conference imploring Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to add a prohibition of vaccine mandates to the ongoing special session agenda.
10/6/2021 Childhood Vaccine mandates for students opposed by 7 out of 10 parents, poll finds Choice Nearly seven in 10 parents with children under age 18 do not believe there should be a vaccine mandate for students, a new poll found.
10/3/2021 Employment Fauci Suggests Unvaccinated Should Not Work Or Go To School Mandate Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested Sunday that those who remain unvaccinated should not be able to work or attend in-person school until they choose to receive a vaccination against Covid-19.
9/10/2021 Employment Biden vaccine mandate ‘villainizes employees,’ law enforcement union says Choice A major federal law enforcement union has come out against President Biden’s new vaccine mandate requiring two-thirds of all US workers in the federal and private sectors to get COVID-19 shots, calling the move “misguided.”
9/12/2021 Employment LAPD Employees File Federal Lawsuit Against City Over Vaccine Mandate Mandate A group of six employees with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city on Sept. 11, claiming that the city’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy violates their rights.... The lawsuit argues that the LAPD is also violating the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which require reasonable medical or religious accommodation. It asks the court to declare the vaccine mandate unlawful and block the city from enforcing it.
9/12/2021 Employment Surgeon general: US to 'monitor' whether vaccine exemptions being used properly Mandate U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has advised that the Biden administration will "monitor" to ensure no one abuses COVID-19 vaccine exemptions.
9/13/2021 Employment A person gets a COVID-19 test at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Campus in Royal Oak, Mich., on April 7, 2020. (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images) A person gets a COVID-19 test at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Campus in Royal Oak, Mich., on April 7, 2020. (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images) REGIONAL NEWS Michigan Hospital System Says Workers With COVID-19 Natural Immunity Don’t Need Vaccine Neutral Workers at Michigan-based Spectrum Health can avoid the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate if they can prove they have natural immunity to the virus.
9/13/2021 Other Doctors Risk Losing License for Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccination Deemed ‘Misinformation’ by Certifying Boards Choice In a joint statement, the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Family Medicine, and the American Board of Pediatrics issued a statement on Sept. 9 in support of the Federation of State Medical Board’s (FSMB) position in disciplining doctors—which includes revoking or suspending medical licenses—who provide COVID-19 vaccine information that the board does not view as factual and approved by consensus.
8/12/2021 Business Access MAYOR CANTRELL ANNOUNCES NEW VACCINE REQUIREMENTS IN RESPONSE TO COVID SURGE Mandate The City of New Orleans today announced that effective Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test will be required to participate in activities with a higher risk of COVID transmission, including indoor dining and bars, indoor gyms and fitness, indoor entertainment and large outdoor events.
9/15/2021 Healthcare Access Texas Hospital Faces Closure Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: CEO Mandate The chief executive of a hospital in Texas warned that his facility faces closure after President Joe Biden’s announcement last week that most healthcare workers get the COVID-19 vaccine. If the mandate goes through, Brownfield Regional Medical Center CEO Jerry Jasper said that “20 percent of my, probably 20 to 25 percent of my staff will have to go away if that’s the case,” reported KCBD. Losing those workers, he said, would likely cause his hospital to shut down, and losing Medicare and Medicaid money isn’t an option either.
9/11/2021 Employment Poll: Little Can Be Done to Persuade Unvaccinated Americans to Get the Shot Neutral The survey found that 83% of unvaccinated Americans, do not plan on getting the jab. Moreover, the survey, … found that there is little that can be done to persuade them to do so. The vast majority, or 84%, of the unvaccinated, said they would not get the shot, even if the vaccines had no side effects, and 87% said employer mandates would not move them to take action either.
9/8/2021 Employment Tucson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate After Arizona Attorney General Deems It Illegal Choice The city of Tucson, Arizona, has paused a mandate that ordered employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine or face five days of suspension and other discipline. The Arizona AG, Mark Brnovich, said on Sept. 7 that the mandate, imposed last month, is illegal because it violates an executive order by Gov. Doug Ducey …, in addition to a state law that is set to go into effect later this month.
9/6/2021 Other Dr. Robert Malone, who invented mRNA vaccine technology, in Washington on Aug. 30, 2021. (The Epoch Times) Dr. Robert Malone, who invented mRNA vaccine technology, in Washington on Aug. 30, 2021. (The Epoch Times) EXPERT VIEW Natural Immunity Longer Lasting Than Protection From COVID-19 Vaccines: Dr. Robert Malone Neutral The immunity conferred by recovering from COVID-19 is better than the protection afforded by COVID-19 vaccines, a prominent vaccine inventor says, citing in part a recent study from Israel.
9/7/2021 Healthcare Access Man dies of COVID-19, family says Sugar Land hospital refused court-ordered treatment of Ivermectin Choice A 74-year-old veteran from Richmond died on Monday, and his family believes the Ivermectin prescribed by his doctor could have saved him. Despite a court order, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land refused to give it to him, according to the family.
7/16/2021 Business Access Moscow drops COVID vaccination proof demand for restaurant clients Choice Authorities in the Russian capital on Friday canceled their order for restaurants to only admit customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the coronavirus or can produce a negative test. The softening of restrictions reflects their devastating impact on restaurant owners, who pleaded with city officials to rescind them.
9/7/2021 Employment Dallas Morning News Religious freedom group takes aim at Texas health system’s employee vaccine mandate Choice Religious freedom group Liberty Counsel says Dallas-based Methodist Health System illegally denied at least four employees exemptions from its company-wide vaccine mandate based on the workers’ religious beliefs. Liberty Counsel’s letter to Methodist gave the health care system until Friday to grant the exemptions “to avoid litigation.” It claimed state law prohibited the hospital system from denying objections on religious grounds.
9/5/2021 Other MedPage Today Can Intranasal COVID Vaccines Help Stop the Spread? — It's time for new approaches to fighting this virus Neutral We have utterly failed to break the train of virus transmission. We need to find new approaches for reducing viral load at the primary portal of entry: the nasal mucosa.
9/4/2021 Employment Nursing homes warn vaccine mandate could lead to staff shortages Mandate requires all staff working at nursing homes to be vaccinated or risk the facilities losing federal funding. Only about 62 percent of nursing home and long term care facility staff are fully or partially vaccinated nationally….
9/5/2021 Employment About 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans who are not self-employed said they would likely quit their job if their employer mandated COVID-19 vaccines and did not grant religious or medical exemptions, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll found. Choice Poll: 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job over exemption-less vaccine mandate
9/6/2021 Employment Oregon police, firefighters sue Gov. Kate Brown over vaccination mandate Mandate A coalition of police and firefighters are suing Gov. Kate Brown over her mandate requiring COVID-19 vaccination for state workers.
9/6/2021 Other Survey: Majority of Unvaccinated Say FDA’s Approval of Vaccines Doesn’t Change Their Mind Neutral Most of the United States’ unvaccinated population are not moved by the FDA's approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.
9/6/2021 Employment Seattle could lose over 200 cops due to COVID vaccine mandate, report says Mandate Over 200 Seattle police officers (about 20% of their deployable staff) could lose their jobs over the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate because they’ve either not received the jab or would refuse to hand over their private medical data, according to a report Monday.
9/2/2021 Employment NYC teachers union ready for war over demand to pull all unvaxxed from payroll Mandate The NYC United Federation of Teachers is gearing up for a war with the city over the fate of more than 15,000 educators who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. … City Hall has vowed to remove all unvaccinated staffers from payroll without exception — including those with religious or medical objections.
8/25/2021 Employment Delta Air Lines to Impose Monthly Surcharge on Unvaccinated Employees Mandate Delta Air Lines Inc. will impose a $200 monthly surcharge on employees who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19, becoming the first major U.S. company to levy a penalty to encourage workers to get protected.
8/16/2021 Employment San Antonio ISD to Require Staff to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate All staff in San Antonio ISD will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and face masks will be required in schools.
8/7/2021 Employment San Francisco sheriffs' union warns officers will quit or retire if forced to receive COVID vaccine Mandate A San Francisco, California, union representing local sheriffs' deputies is warning that officers will quit or retire if they are forced to receive the coronavirus vaccine.
8/5/2021 Employment Biden's vaccine strong-arm: White House considers WITHHOLDING federal funds from institutions like nursing homes, universities and cruise ships in a bid to coerce the 90M eligible who have not got shots Mandate The Biden administration is reportedly considering withholding funds from institutions in an effort to boost vaccine rates. One aspect of the plan would restrict Medicare payments to long-term and nursing homes until their employees are vaccinated.
8/5/2021 Business Access Americans oppose vaccine passports for restaurants Neutral A majority Americans oppose requiring proof of vaccination to enable people to dine at restaurants. 59% of those polled said that restaurants should not require proof of vaccinations status, compared to 37% who support the idea. required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, 53% of respondents said government employees should be required to receive the vaccine compared to 42% who disagreed. Respondents were nearly evenly split on whether university students should be required to receive the vaccine, with 49% saying they should not be required compared to 48% who said they should be. Meanwhile, 50% of respondents opposed businesses mandating vaccination for their employees compared to 45% who indicated support for the mandates. The group that Americans were most likely to support mandatory vaccines for were healthcare workers, with 60% supporting a vaccine requirement for those employees compared to 35% who opposed the requirement.
8/4/2021 Other Fauci said that the Biden administration will need to rely on vaccine mandates at the local level. “To get to the 93 million unvaccinated people,” Fauci: Biden Admin ‘Going to Need Local Mandates’ on COVID-19 Vaccines Mandate Fauci said that the Biden administration will need to rely on vaccine mandates at the local level. “To get to the 93 million unvaccinated people,”
7/29/2021 Employment Joe Biden Endorses Widespread Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates: ‘It’s Time to Impose Requirements’ Mandate President Joe Biden endorsed coronavirus vaccine mandates on Thursday, using some of his strongest rhetoric to date to encourage private companies to require employees to get the vaccine.
7/30/2021 Employment Walmart Corporate Employees, Managers Must Receive Coronavirus Vaccine by Fall Mandate Walmart’s corporate employees and management-level staff must receive the coronavirus vaccination by October 4, the retail giant’s CEO, Doug McMillon, announced in a memo Friday.
8/3/2021 Employment Tyson Foods Mandates All 139,000 Workers to Vaccine COVID-19 Mandate Tyson Foods is requiring its US workforce of over 139,000 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Deadlines: Tyson’s senior executives 9/24/21, internal workers by 10/121.
7/28/2021 Employment Vaccine Mandate for All Federal Employees Under Consideration: Biden Mandate President Joe Biden said on July 27 that his administration is considering mandating that all federal workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.
7/16/2021 Other 15 million people didn't get their second Covid-19 shot Neutral Nearly 15 million people — or more than one in 10 of those eligible in the United States — have missed their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the CDC..
7/22/2021 Other Saudi Arabia Banning Unvaccinated from Nearly All Public Spaces Mandate Saudia Arabia will ban all citizens and residents unvaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus from entering nearly all public spaces starting August 1,
7/16/2021 Healthcare Access 15 million people didn't get their second Covid-19 shot Neutral Nearly 15 million people — or more than one in 10 of those eligible in the United States — have missed their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the CDC.
7/16/2021 Employment Becker's Hospital Review Hospitals, health systems mandating vaccines for workers Neutral The number of hospitals and health systems requiring COVID-19 vaccination for employees is growing. Here are the healthcare organizations that have announced mandates:
7/13/2021 Employment SHEA National Organizations in Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Say COVID-19 Vaccines Should be Required for Healthcare Personnel Mandate Hospitals and other healthcare facilities should require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a consensus statement by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) and six other leading organizations representing medical professionals working in infectious diseases, infection prevention, pharmacy, pediatrics, and long-term care
7/6/2021 Employment Henry Ford Health Systems Mandates ALL 33,000 Employees! Get Jabbed or Get GONE Mandate video - Before September 10, 2021- Michigan's Henry Ford health system will require employees, students, and contractors to receive the COVID vaccine to enter the hospital.
7/11/2021 Tracking Federal bill would ban vaccine database in response to Biden’s 'door-to-door' pledge Choice U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has introduced a bill that would prohibit the federal government from creating and maintaining a federal database of every American who has received COVID-19 vaccines.
7/4/2021 Other Mercola Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan? Neutral Evidence suggests people who have received the COVID “vaccine” may have a reduced lifespan as a result of the acute, subacute and long-term effects from the COVID injection
5/28/2021 Other TrialSite News Did Pfizer Fail to Perform industry Standard Animal Testing Prior to Initiation of mRNA Clinical Trials? Neutral “No traditional pharmacokinetic or biodistribution studies have been performed with the vaccine candidate BNT162b2.”“Biodistribution: Several literature reports indicate that LNP-formulated RNAs can distribute rather nonspecifically to several organs such as spleen, heart, kidney, lung and brain. In line with this, results from the newly transmitted study 185350, indicate a broader biodistribution pattern.”
6/10/2021 Employment Biden Administration Tells Federal Agencies Not to Require Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Choice President Joe Biden’s administration said this week that federal agencies should not in general force workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine as a precondition for working in person.
5/31/2021 Business Access Knicks to Refuse Admission to Unvaccinated Fans if They Advance in Playoffs Neutral The New York Knicks recently announced that if they advance to the second round of the playoffs, they won’t sell tickets to those not vaccinated for the coronavirus.
6/1/2021 Employment Federal Agency: Businesses Can Make Employees Get COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new guidance last week and said businesses can require that their employees get the COVID-19 vaccine without violating federal laws.
5/26/2021 Tracking Resistance to vaccine mandates is building. A powerful network is helping. Choice A New York firm has filed suit or sent letters to employers in several states as part of an effort spearheaded by one of the largest anti-vaccination groups in the country.
5/28/2021 Tracking Ted Cruz follows suit from red states and introduces a bill to ban the federal government from using vaccine passports Choice Three Republican senators have introduced a bill to ban the federal government from establishing COVID-19 vaccine passports, following in the footsteps of at least 10 GOP-led states.
4/13/2021 Other Erie County plan: Fans attending Bills, Sabres home games next season will be required to show proof of vaccination Mandate All fans attending Buffalo Bills and Sabres home games next season will be required to show proof of COVID vaccination, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced Tuesday.He says there will not be medical or religious exemptions. r. The plan does not need New York State approval since Highmark Stadium and KeyBank Center are both owned by Erie County. He says the easiest way to show proof of vaccination would be to use the state's Excelsior Pass on smart phones, but they're still figuring out what to do with people who don't have phones or come from outside of the state.
5/7/2021 Other WGRZ Proposed bill would mandate COVID-19 vaccines for NY college students Mandate A New York State senator wants to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all college students across the state. Manhattan Democrat Brad Hoylman says he's proposed a bill that would add that vaccine to the list of other shots students are required to get. The bill would only take effect after COVID vaccines get full approval from the FDA. Right now, they have emergency use authorization. Pfizer became the first to apply for full approval Friday.Senator Hoylman's bill does not have a sponsor in the state assembly, and it's not clear if or when it will get a vote.
5/16/2021 Emergency Powers Dr. Nicole Saphier: COVID-19 and America – the state of emergency is over and it's time to declare it Neutral The wall of protection from the amount of natural immunity has consistently been ignored. To date, the amount of reinfections following natural infection are similar if not less than breakthrough cases after vaccination, demonstrating the robustness of natural immunity.
5/14/2021 Employment Fauci: 40 to 50 Percent of His Agency’s Employees Are Not Vaccinated Neutral Dr. Fauci, the head of the U.S. NIAID, said that about 40 percent of his agency’s employees have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, while a deputy at the U.S. FDA said the agency is reporting similar numbers.
5/14/2021 Childhood Michigan High School Charges Unvaccinated Students $80 to Attend Prom — While Vaccinated Get in Free Mandate A Michigan high school created a two-tiered price structure for its prom this year: $80 for unvaccinated students and free for those who have received a coronavirus vaccine.
5/13/2021 Employment Commanding General at Fort Campbell Issues New Guidelines – Unvaccinated Soldiers Cannot Take Pass or Leave Base – Considered Non-Deployable Mandate Commanding General MG JP McGee issued new guidelines for unvaccinated soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division…. As of today, unvaccinated soldiers can not take a pass and can not take Leave …. And, according to our source, unvaccinated soldiers are now considered non-deployable.
5/14/2021 Employment Delta first major U.S. airline to require new hires be vaccinated Mandate The Atlanta-based airline noted its progress toward herd immunity within its own workforce, with 60% of its roughly 74,000 employees already vaccinated, the company said. To help maintain that trajectory, Delta will mandate that those joining the company be vaccinated unless they qualify for an accommodation.... The policy starts Monday.
5/14/2021 Employment Delta Air Lines says new employees must be vaccinated for the coronavirus Mandate Delta chief executive Ed Bastian said: “Any person joining Delta in the future, we’re going to mandate that they be vaccinated before they can sign up with the company.” The vaccine will continue to be optional for workers already at the airline.
1/22/2021 Employment United Airlines CEO wants to make Covid vaccines mandatory for employees — and encourages other companies to do the same Mandate United Airlines’ CEO wants to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for 60,000 employees and is encouraging other companies do the same.
5/10/2021 Employment Vaccine Mandates at Work Set for Uptick After Full FDA Approval Mandate More employers will likely require their workers to be inoculated against Covid-19 once federal regulators upgrade the vaccines from their current approval as emergency products, according to employment lawyers who counsel companies.
5/4/2021 Agency Rule PFIZER ANNOUNCES THAT IT WILL SEEK FULL FDA APPROVAL BY THE END OF THE MONTH, SO GUESS WHAT’S COMING? Neutral Despite some handwringing/soul searching/deep concerns about the lack of long-term safety data, my money’s on the fact that the vaccine will be approved and the biological license will be issued, and prior to late August.
5/2/2021 Employment / Op-Ed: Why I Mandated the COVID Vax for Our Staff — Healthcare systems must protect patients and lead by example Mandate As healthcare workers we've taken a sacred oath to do everything possible to keep our patients safe and healthy -- this includes getting vaccinated.
4/26/2021 Other Influenza Vaccination Linked to Higher COVID Death Rates Neutral A question that has lingered since the 2009 mass vaccination campaign against pandemic H1N1 swine flu is whether seasonal influenza vaccination might make pandemic infections worse or more prevalent.
4/25/2021 Business Access AP/Capital Gazette misleading, drivers won't but fans will - NASCAR won’t mandate that its drivers get the COVID-19 vaccine Mandate Entrance into the Indianapolis 500 bubble next month will require either a completed vaccination schedule or a daily negative COVID-19 test.
4/21/2021 Business Access Las Vegas Review Journal Vaccine passports and personal data: What concerns privacy experts Neutral Clear’s Health Pass and VST Enterprises’ V-Health Passport are part of a burgeoning tech solution aimed at helping people gather more safely. The apps contain a digital record of a user’s recent negative COVID-19 test or vaccination verification, allowing users to gain entry to certain events or businesses. Large venues and events in Southern Nevada’s tourism-driven economy are becoming early adopters of the two apps, while leaders in some surrounding states have taken action to limit all vaccine passports.
4/20/2021 Business Access Calmatters California policy gives businesses incentive to require ‘vaccine passports’ at events Neutral The state Department of Public Health last week unveiled little-noticed revisions that allow conferences, live events and performances, stadiums, family entertainment centers and other gatherings to reopen at higher capacity if all guests show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result or of full vaccination.
4/21/2021 Employment Stamford Advocate Vaccine mandates aren't the only - or easiest - way for employers to compel workers to get their shots Mandate Short of threatening to fire unvaccinated workers who do not qualify for a disability or religious exemption, companies certainly could make things inconvenient for workers who avoid the vaccine as a matter of personal preference. I expect that companies may start to resort to more punitive measures over time, to help push remaining stragglers over the finish line.
4/20/2021 Other Tap into Newark Rutgers COO: Students Who Don't Want Vaccine Should Consider Gap Year, Transferring Mandate “We do not have an exemption if you do not want to take the vaccine,” Calcado said. “We do understand - and I don’t want to sound callous here – that your decision may be that maybe a gap year is something better, that you go into this year as a student or potentially and we hate to say this again, I don’t want to be callous about this and I don’t want to be disrespectful, but it may be that Rutgers at that point is not for you and a transfer is what would be appropriate.”
4/20/2021 Business Access The Federalist 10 Huge Corporations Working To Make Big Bucks From Forcing Americans Into Vaccine Passports Neutral Although skepticism about instituting private surveillance of the population is increasing by the day, the government is pushing vaccine passports in cahoots with private companies. Here are just some of the big companies that are showing themselves willing to act as a shadow government to privately force on Americans a regime they did not consent to through representative, legitimate government.
4/15/2021 Other / 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC Neutral Some 5,800 Americans have contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the virus that causes it, federal officials said April 15.
4/8/2021 Other A growing number of US colleges and universities are requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccinations Mandate So far, at least 14 colleges have said vaccinations will be required for students before they can return to campus in the fall.
4/14/2021 Other Hundreds of El Pasoans test positive for COVID-19 after getting vaccinated Neutral Hundreds of El Pasoans have tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated, according to city officials.
4/17/2021 Other Fully Vaccinated Person Dies of COVID-19 in Texas, Officials Say Neutral A person who was fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19 died of the disease in Texas, officials announced Friday.
4/15/2021 Business Access MedPage Vax Passports Are a Bad Idea — Prasad explores the balance of possible (but uncertain) health benefits and social harms Choice The wrong answer is to disproportionately exclude them from public spaces. That is punitive, unfair, and not consistent with longstanding public health principles.
4/9/2021 Other Biontech Pfizer and BioNTech Request Regulatory Agencies Expand Emergency Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine to Adolescents Neutral Pfizer and BioNTech Request Regulatory Agencies Expand Emergency Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine to Adolescents
4/15/2021 Other Medpage New Side Effect From mRNA COVID Vaccines? — Surprise finding in Israeli case series Neutral Herpes zoster reactivation -- a.k.a. shingles -- following COVID-19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune/inflammatory diseases may be a new adverse event associated with the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine, suggested a new report.
4/16/2021 Other Travel Pulse Hawaii Postpones Vaccine Passports for Travel to Mid-May Mandate The governor gave the green light for the vaccine exemption program earlier in the month. The exemption would allow travelers to travel between islands and from the mainland without quarantine or a Covid test if they showed proof of vaccination.
4/15/2021 Other 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC Choice Some 5,800 Americans have contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the virus that causes it, federal officials said April 15.
4/7/2021 Other At least seven US colleges say students must be fully vaccinated to come back onto campus in the fall as Brown and Northeastern join the likes of Cornell and Rutgers Mandate At least seven US colleges have said students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to come back to their campuses this fall
4/1/2021 Insurance Texas Medical Association Medicare to Double Payment to Administer Vaccines Neutral Medicare will pay physicians and practices that administer COVID-19 vaccines $40 per dose – nearly double the current payment, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced.
3/9/2021 Other State of Florida Executive Order 21-81 Preventing Vaccine Passports Choice The governor of Florida bans businesses, governmental offices, etc. from requiring vaccine passports.
3/29/2021 Tracking Biden Administration Responds to Reports on Development of Vaccine Passports Mandate President Joe Biden’s administration is not creating COVID-19 vaccine passports, but officials are working with private companies to set guidelines for the systems, which people can use to show proof they’ve been vaccinated, the White House said Monday.
3/14/2021 Tracking IATA Travel Pass "Successfully" Trialed On First International Flight Mandate London Heathrow Airport: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) successfully trialed a new health passport app to manage COVID-19 tests and vaccine certifications for international flights. There is no doubt that health passports will be widely implemented to reopen borders and restart aviation.
3/17/2021 Tracking Walmart becomes largest U.S. vaccine provider to join push for digital vaccination credentials. Mandate People who get Covid-19 shots at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club stores may soon be able to verify their vaccination status at airports, schools and other locations using a health passport app on their smartphones.
3/16/2021 Other Covid-19 antibodies present in about 1 in 5 blood donations from unvaccinated people, according to data from the American Red Cross Neutral In the first week of March, more than 20% of blood donations from unvaccinated people had Covid-19 antibodies, according to data shared with CNN by the American Red Cross
3/20/2021 Other VACCINE CHOICE PRAYER COMMUNITY men and women who passed away soon after receiving a Covid-19 experimental vaccine Choice Photos and links of men and women who passed away soon after receiving a Covid-19 experimental vaccine.
3/22/2021 Business Access Royal Caribbean Faces Boycott Calls as Only Vaccinated Adults Allowed on Cruise Ships Mandate A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean said that vaccinations will be required for the upcoming sailings from the Bahamas and St. Maarten.
3/23/2021 Business Access Miami Heat to open vaccinated-only sections for fans on April 1 Neutral The Miami Heat are devoting two sections for the fully vaccinated fans. Those fans who have been vaccinated for at least 14 days and show their CDC vaccination card and a valid ID will have their own seating section, and possibly concession stand.
3/26/2021 Tracking Nation’s first ‘vaccine passport’ coming to New York Mandate The “Excelsior Pass,” app will allow New Yorkers to prove their vaccination status, or recent history of a negative COVID-19 test, in order to gain entry to events and businesses, Governor Cuomo Friday.
3/17/2021 Tracking Walmart becomes largest U.S. vaccine provider to join push for digital vaccination credentials. Neutral People who get Covid-19 shots at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club stores may soon be able to verify their vaccination status at airports, schools and other locations using a health passport app on their smartphones.
3/4/3021 Employment Vaccinated Workers Are Getting Benefits That Those Without Covid Shots Won’t Mandate Companies and countries are examining ways to increase vaccination for employees. Access to businesses, especially in Israel, is to be easier for the vaccinated.
3/16/2021 Other Children's Health Defense 20+ Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine, But Regulators Insist ‘Benefits Outweigh Risks’ Choice WHO and the EMA are investigating reports of blood clot-related injuries and deaths after the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, but both say there’s no reason to stop using the vaccines.
3/16/2021 Other Fox News Biden tells Americans to keep wearing masks 'until everyone is, in fact, vaccinated' Mandate President Biden wants Americans to wear face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus "until everyone is, in fact, vaccinated," he said on Monday.
3/2/2021 Emergency Powers Catholic Medical Association - JOINT STATEMENT ON VACCINES AND CONSCIENCE PROTECTION Choice Governing authorities must respect an individual’s right to accept or decline a vaccine. There is no justifiable moral obligation to accept vaccination. If a vaccine has been developed, tested, or produced with technology that an individual deems morally unacceptable, such as the use of abortion-derived fetal cell lines, vaccine refusal is morally acceptable. An individual’s decision to be vaccinated will also depend upon their personal assessment of the medical risks, a choice that should be respected. The decision not to be vaccinated must be accompanied by a commitment to take necessary precautions to lessen disease transmission.
3/1/2021 Other LifeFacts - Vaccinations (multiple articles on several related topics) Choice LifeSite recognizes that there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccines. We are committed to keeping our readers informed about the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines, about side effects, and other safety and ethical concerns.
3/5/2021 Other No moral obligation to accept vaccination’: Christian medical groups push for conscience rights The Catholic Medical Association and other groups emphasized that individual rights must be honored and no one should be coerced. Choice An ecumenical coalition of Christian medical groups urged civil authority to respect conscience rights regarding vaccination for COVID-19.
3/6/2021 Liability Epoch Times Adverse Incident Reports Show 966 Deaths Following Vaccination for COVID-19 Neutral COVID vaccine deaths reported to VAERS
3/1/2021 Other Judicial Watch: New Emails Detail WHO/NIH Accommodations to Chinese Confidentiality ‘Terms’ Neutral WHO and Fauci’s NIH special accommodations to Chinese communist efforts to control information about COVID-19
3/1/2021 Other Massive number of flu cases are re-labeled COVID cases Neutral Many, many cases of FAKE FLU are being relabeled FAKE COVID.
3/1/2021 Employment Doña Ana County detention officer sues over COVID-19 vaccine mandate Mandate A Doña Ana County Detention Center officer facing termination for declining a COVID-19 vaccination is suing county manager Fernando Macias and detention center officials over the mandate
2/9/2021 Other ouncil of Europe: No compulsory vaccinations and no discrimination against the unvaccinated Choice On 27 January, the Council of Europe signed Resolution 2361, which states that vaccinations in EU Member States should not be mandatory and that no one is politically, socially or otherwise pressured to be vaccinated
2/27/2021 Employment Pflugerville ISD will pay employees to get COVID-19 vaccine Neutral Pflugerville ISD employees can now get paid $100 if they get a COVID-19 vaccine.
2/28/2021 Childhood Tweet - FAUCI tells @MeetThePress Neutral children under 12 will be vaccinated “earliest the end of the year and very likely the first quarter of 2022”; high school students “sometime this fall”
3/1/2021 Other Fauci says life IS returning to normal and tells vaccinated people to socialize Mandate Dr Fauci advised that individuals who are fully vaccinated can start seeing one another, but it's too soon to relax broader restrictions
2/2/2021 Other PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE: Short-Term Efficacy & Safety Data Choice (NO date published) Questions and Answers about the safety, testing, and efficacy of the PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE.
2/23/2021 Employment Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA Choice Federal law provides that, at least until the vaccine is licensed, individuals must have the option to accept or decline to be vaccinated
2/24/2021 Tracking Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared Mandate Israel's parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation.
12/2/2020 Insurance Covid Unknowns Leave Survivors Fearing Life Insurance Rejection Neutral Without the long-term effects on mortality unknown for COVID-19 survivors or those with asymptomatic cases, life insurance companies are unable to determine long term risks, leading them to deny coverage.
2/22/2021 Other Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw Neutral The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud
2/16/2021 Other They Didn't Isolate the Virus Neutral There is no proof the virus exists.
9/23/2020 Childhood Many parents are hesitant to give their kids a Covid-19 vaccine. What if schools require it? Choice Parents are resisting the efforts to require COVID_19 shots for school children.
2/19/2021 Other White House working with social media giants to silence anti-vaxxers Neutral The White House is asking social media companies to clamp down on chatter that deviates from officially distributed COVID-19 information as part of President Biden’s “wartime effort” to vanquish the coronavirus.
2/17/2021 Employment Thousands of service members saying no to COVID-19 vaccine Neutral Thousands of U.S. service members are refusing or putting off the COVID-19 vaccine despite the persuasion of the commanders.
2/15/2021 Business Access JAB PASS Brits may have to show a Covid vaccine passport to go to pub or restaurant Mandate Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, suggested proposals to introduce documents to let immunised Brits lead a normal life are “under consideration”.
2/12/2021 Employment Why so many COVID-19 workers’ comp claims are being rejected Neutral Employees who allege they contracted coronavirus on the job can face a high bar to prove their cases
2/11/2021 Business Access Vaccine refusers will be kept to ‘supermarkets, pharmacies’ when Israel opens up Neutral The Health Ministry is reportedly planning to clamp down on Israelis who refuse to vaccinate against the coronavirus and impose severe sanctions on businesses that accept unvaccinated customers and on individuals who forge a document that says they have been vaccinated.
9/10/2020 Liability New Push Could Block COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries From Program That Usually Pays Victims Neutral Department of Health and Human Services is now pushing a new proposal to give the HHS secretary unilateral authority to keep any new vaccines out of the NVI Compensation program.
2/8/2021 Employment Older and disabled Texans are demanding their home caregivers be vaccinated for COVID-19. But many workers don’t want it. Neutral growing dilemma: Their clients want home-based caregivers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but they fear that they soon won’t have enough workers who are vaccinated to meet the demand.
2/4/2021 Other New York Times Travelers may soon need proof of a COVID-19 vaccine or negative virus test Mandate Governments and airlines are considering mandating COVID-19 testing or vaccinations to fly or travel.
2/4/2021 Other Pfizer drops India vaccine application after regulator seeks local trial Neutral Pfizer withdrew application for emergency-use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in India, after failing to meet the regulator’s demand for a local safety and immunogenicity study.
1/31/2021 Other What you need to know about the COVID Vaccine Neutral Analysis of the details provided by the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers based on the vaccine package insert, published phase 3 clinical trial, and FDA Briefing document. Investigation of ingredients, effectiveness and how it was evaluated, and safety, including reports of adverse events since administration began 12/2020.
1/3/2021 Other WHO, Fauci Warn COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Prevent Infection and Disease Transmission Choice on Dec. 28, 2020, WHO officials warned there is no guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent people from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transmitting it to other people.
2/5/2021 Other Vaccination opponents argue for right to refuse shots at Nebraska Legislature hearing Choice Nebraskans opposed to vaccinations filled all available hearing room seats and crowded the Capitol hallway Thursday to fight for freedom from mandatory immunizations
2/5/2021 Other Experts Warn Against Sharing COVID-19 Vaccination Cards on Social Media Neutral Officials and experts are warning against sharing COVID-19 vaccination cards on social media, saying it may lead to identity theft.
2/2/2021 Other Assemblyman David DiPietro Sponsors COVID-19 Vaccine Bill to Protect Body Autonomy Choice NYS Assemblyman David DiPietro has sponsored a bill to protect the right to choose and to safeguard the sanctity of one’s own body from unwanted injection of the coronavirus vaccine.
2/4/2021 Tracking Denmark to Introduce World’s First Corona Vaccine Passport: Report Neutral Demark is preparing to introduce coronavirus vaccine passports to open up overseas travel by the end of the month, ... the first governmental immunity certification in the world.
1/29/2021 Other Business Insider oniine version Pfizer CEO vows to speed up vaccine development to under 100 days to combat the 'high likelihood' that current COVID-19 shots will need upgrades to stay effective Neutral Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said he believed there was a "high possibility" that current coronavirus vaccines would not be effective against new strains of the virus in the future
1/1/2020 Employment (NYSNA.ORG) NY STATE NURSES ASSOCIATION POSITION STATEMENT: ON THE COVID-19 VACCINE Choice NY STATE NURSES ASSN does not support mandatory immunization as either a condition of employment or as a state or federal mandate.
1/27/2021 Other New York Post - online Biden administration eyeing COVID-19 test mandate for domestic flights Mandate The Biden administration is “actively looking” into mandating COVID-19 tests for travelers on domestic flights, a senior official said.
1/15/2021 Other CHINA / SOCIETY Chinese health experts call to suspend Pfizer's mRNA vaccine for elderly after Norwegian deaths Choice Chinese health experts called on Norway and other countries to suspend the use of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, due to the vaccines' safety uncertainties following the deaths of 23 elderly Norwegian people who received the vaccine.
1/20/2021 Healthcare Access COVID-19 Vaccine Policies: Ethical Concerns — Arthur Caplan, PhD, discusses allocation and rationing, cutting the line, mandating the shots Mandate But once vaccines get licensed, we will see mandates within the next week. Healthcare workers, nursing home staff, absolutely are going to get mandated.
1/26/2021 Other Mercola - Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine Choice Reports of serious side effects to the COVID-19 vaccines have started emerging. Including persistent malaise and extreme exhaustion, anaphylactic reactions, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, chronic seizures and convulsions, paralysis and sudden death within hours or days
1/22/2021 Other GOP lawmaker says he'd OK $1,400 stimulus checks for people who receive COVID-19 vaccine Neutral GOP lawmaker says he'd OK $1,400 stimulus checks for people who receive COVID-19 vaccine BY JORDAN WILLIAMS - 01/22/21 12:53 PM EST 496 16,914 Just In... Calls grow for 9/11-style panel to probe Capitol attack HOUSE — 42M 19S AGO Former official acknowledges final days in office a 'black eye' for Trump NEWS — 49M 40S AGO Unity and civility in America OPINION — 59M 23S AGO Secretary Yellen's first action on Bitcoin will set the tone for the next four years OPINION — 1H 29M AGO VIEW ALL Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) says he’d be willing to give $1,400 stimulus checks to people who receive the coronavirus vaccine.
1/19/2021 Other Fox News Pfizer to request COVID-19 vaccine full approval in ‘first half of 2021’ Neutral "Pfizer and BioNTech are planning to submit a Biologics License Application during the first half of 2021 to secure full regulatory approval for BNT162b2. They expect the FDA to make a final decision in the second half of 2021. This would give full approval, ending Emergency Authorization.
1/3/2021 Other TVR WHO, Fauci Warn COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Prevent Infection and Disease Transmission Neutral At a virtual press conference held by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Dec. 28, 2020, WHO officials warned there is no guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent people from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transmitting it to other people. According to WHO officials, while it appears the vaccines can prevent clinically symptomatic COVID-19 clinical disease, there is no clear evidence COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing asymptomatic infection and transmission. The vaccine manufacturers did not investigate whether the vaccines prevent people from becoming asymptomatically infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and/or transmitting it to other people. Fauci is quoted as saying, "We do not know if the vaccines that prevent clinical disease also prevent infection. They very well might, but we have not proven that yet….That’s the reason I keep saying that even though you get vaccinated, we should not eliminate, at all, public health measures like wearing masks because we don’t know yet what the effect [of the vaccine] is on transmissibility."
1/20/2021 Business Access Qatar Airways CEO: Coronavirus Vaccine Certificates Will Be ‘New Norm’ Neutral Travelers will soon be required to present Chinese coronavirus certificates to board international flights and pass through foreign countries’ borders, the CEO of Qatar Airways predicted on Tuesday.
1/19/2021 Employment CBS News Many health care workers are refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine Neutral A significant percentage of doctors, nurses, EMS workers, support staff and other health care employees said they turned down the COVID vaccines over concerns they may not be safe or effective and that its development was rushed. Groups with higher rates of refusal include blacks, women, and Republicans.
1/13/2021 Employment FOX43 Harrisburg mandates vaccine for city employees Mandate The City of Harrisburg announced all city employees will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It is the first municipality in Pennsylvania to mandate vaccination for its employees. The decision to mandate vaccinations comes after about half of the city’s 400 employees said they would not volunteer to take the vaccine.
1/11/2021 Employment Senior Housing News Atria Makes Covid-19 Vaccines Mandatory for Workers Mandate Atria Senior Living is making the Covid-19 vaccine a requirement for its employees. The Louisville, Kentucky-based senior living provider announced on Monday its more than 10,000 U.S. workers must get both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by May 1. Atria’s vaccine mandate is unique among large senior living providers in the U.S., many of which have not yet made getting the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for employment.
1/16/2021 Employment The Milwaukie Journal Wisconsin nursing home staff laid off for refusing COVID-19 vaccine Mandate Employees at a Janesville nursing home risk losing their job if they do not take the COVID-19 vaccine, a policy that has caused outrage among many staff members.
1/11/2021 Employment N.J. COVID vaccine: Can employers require that workers take the coronavirus vaccine? Mandate Can my employer require me to be vaccinated for the coronavirus? Yes. Employers may require vaccines if the failure to vaccinate will result in a direct threat to other employees, agreed Timothy Ford, partner and member of the employment and litigation departments at Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick in Denville.
12/31/2020 Other FDA - Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet FACT SHEET FOR RECIPIENTS AND CAREGIVERS EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION (EUA) OF THE MODERNA COVID-19 VACCINE TO PREVENT CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) IN INDIVIDUALS 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER Choice WHAT IF I DECIDE NOT TO GET THE MODERNA COVID-19 VACCINE? It is your choice to receive or not receive the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical
1/11/2021 Other Federal code - §360bbb–3. Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies (a) In general (1) Emergency uses Federal law on required conditions for EU - §360bbb–3. Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies Choice (1) Unapproved product (A) Required conditions(ii) Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed- (I) that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product; (II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and (III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.
3/1/2020 Employment OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 Neutral This guidance does not address vaccines, but it does provide guidance on what can be done to prepare the workplace for COVID
12/19/2021 Employment The OSHA Defense Report What Employers Need to Know About Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines Choice As a threshold matter, it should be noted that according to a member of the federal advisory panel on immunizations that will be making recommendations to the CDC on who should get the first doses, vaccines authorized under the FDA’s emergency use authority, as these COVID-19 vaccinations will be at the start, cannot be mandated. In general though, outside the context of EUA vaccine, employers can require vaccination as a term and condition of employment, but such practice is not without limitations, nor is it always recommended.
12/17/2020 Employment Washington Senate Republican Caucus Ericksen bill would protect individual rights amid rush to vaccinate Choice Ericksen is preparing legislation for the 2021 legislative session that would prohibit discrimination based on an individual’s vaccination status. Vaccination could not be required as a condition of employment, school attendance, state-regulated travel, or entry into places of public accommodation. Service could not be denied to a person who has not received a vaccination.
1/12/2021 Childhood Fox News Los Angeles students required to get COVID-19 vaccine (once available) before return to school Mandate Austin Beutner, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, said Monday that students will have to receive the inoculation once it is available before heading back into the classroom
1/5/2021 Tracking CDC CDC COVID Data Tracker Neutral United States COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by State
1/4/2021 Other Weston A. Price Foundation COVID-19 VACCINES: IMPORTANT TALKING POINTS Choice Issues Concerning COVID-19 Vaccine
12/30/2020 Other CDC website Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States Neutral Anyone with a history of immediate allergic reaction of any severity to any component of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines or to polysorbate should not be vaccinated, the CDC said in updated interim guidance.
11/8/2020 Other Mercola/The Vaccine Reaction How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials are Designed Neutral However, when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, shockingly, preventing infection is not a criterion for success in any of these trials. The only criterion for a successful COVID-19 vaccine is a reduction of COVID-19 symptoms, and even then, the reduction required is minimal.
12/28/2000 Liability The Vaccine Reaction So What Happens if You Get Injured by a COVID-19 Vaccine? Choice “What happens when someone is injured as a result of getting a COVID-19 vaccine? What are their options for seeking compensation?” The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) is really the only option. Only eight percent of all petitioners since 2010 have been awarded compensation through the CICP. No legal or medical expert fees covered, no pain and suffering, lost wages capped at $50,000, no judicial appeal and payer of last resort.
1/2/2021 Other Business Insider Fauci says he's 'sure' coronavirus vaccinations will be mandatory in institutions like hospitals and schools Mandate Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert, said he expects the coronavirus vaccination to be mandatory in some institutions in the future. In an interview with Newsweek published Friday, Fauci said he's "sure" institutions like hospitals will mandate the vaccine. It is also "quite possible," he said, that the vaccine will be required for travel to and from the United States.
12/29/2020 Employment Can work require a coronavirus vaccine? Mandate The details can get messy, but the overarching message is the same: Employees not represented in a collective bargaining agreement work at the will of their employers — and vaccines can be a requirement.
12/29/2020 Employment Kiplinger Can Your Boss Force You to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine? Neutral However, an employer may have the right to require the vaccination if it could be shown that failing to get it would create an undue hardship on the employer or pose a direct threat to anyone working around that person. Additionally, this could be the basis to deny a request for accommodation.
12/31/2020 Emergency Powers A Deeper Look at the Law: Corona Vaccine Preview? NY Appeals Upholds Constitutionality Of Mandatory MMR Shots During Measles Epidemic Mandate The Court framed as “different and novel” the issue of whether the Board of Health, in the midst of a growing contagion, may mandate the vaccination of those who live, work, or attend school within the affected area. As noted above, it answered this question strongly in the affirmative.
12/29/2020 Employment National Law Review Important COVID-19 Employment Law Updates: The EEOC and Congress Take Further Action Neutral The bottom line is that mandating the vaccine may raise many complicated logistical issues, as well as practical and legal concerns.
12/29/2020 Employment WebMD Your Boss May Require You to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate "If an employee cannot get vaccinated because of a disability or sincerely held religious belief, and there is no reasonable accommodation possible, [then] an employer could exclude the employee from physically entering the workplace," says Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management.
12/27/2020 Other Health Impact News Fauci Admits He Lied About Herd Immunity To Trick Americans Into Vaccine Neutral In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks. Hard as it may be to hear, he said, he believes that it may take close to 90 percent immunity to bring the virus to a halt — almost as much as is needed to stop a measles outbreak.
12/23/2020 Business Access FLAPOL Joe Gruters files bill protecting anti-vaxxers from discrimination The Sarasota Senator stressed he supports taking the vaccine, but doesn’t want stores demanding proof. Choice The Sarasota Republican filed legislation (SB 364) Tuesday that would prohibit discrimination “on the basis of personal health information.” In short, the Senator doesn’t want stores and restaurants demanding to see papers verifying customers had their shots.
12/23/2020 Childhood Medpage Today How Do We Inject Confidence Into Vaccine Hesitant Americans? — "We need to really up our game in terms of communicating," says Peter Hotez, MD, PhD Neutral Hotez - So it's a pretty high bar, even with a good vaccine, like these are, and that's going to mean, we're going to have to vaccinate adolescents and children.
12/14/2020 Emergency Powers 770 KTTH WA lawmaker introduces bill banning state from forcing people to get COVID vaccine Choice State Representative Brad Klippert (R-Kennewick) introduced legislation banning the state from forcing you to get a COVID vaccine.
12/18/2020 Employment CNBC General Motors and Ford won’t mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for employees Choice GM and Ford will not require employees to receive Covid-19 vaccinations despite the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission saying employers can require workers to do so.
12/18/2020 Other CTV News Canada Brazil's Bolsonaro warns virus vaccine can turn people into 'crocodiles' Neutral But the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the vaccine was obligatory, although could not be "forced" on people. That means authorities can fine people for not being vaccinated and ban them from certain public spaces, but not force them to take it.
12/18/2020 Employment K5 News Seattle Employers can legally require COVID-19 vaccinations, attorneys say Mandate “An employer can require an employee to obtain a vaccination prior to an employee returning to the workplace,” said Aaron Rocke, an employment law attorney in Seattle. “The law does require a little safety valve. If the employee has a specific medical concern or bonafide religious or similar objection, then we have to have a conversation whether that’s an accommodation that can be made or not.”
12/19/2020 Employment Northern Kentucky Tribune Employees and the Vaccine: It’s the question of the times — ‘Can employers mandate COVID vaccine?’ Mandate The driving force behind this policy is to keep the workplace safe as well as customers, patients, clients, etc. This policy will be met with resistance by those fearful of the vaccine but without a legitimate exception, it can be required for employees to stay employed.
12/16/2020 Employment What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws Mandate K.7. What happens if an employer cannot exempt or provide a reasonable accommodation to an employee who cannot comply with a mandatory vaccine policy because of a disability or sincerely held religious practice or belief? (12/16/20) If an employee cannot get vaccinated for COVID-19 because of a disability or sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance, and there is no reasonable accommodation possible, then it would be lawful for the employer to exclude the employee from the workplace. This does not mean the employer may automatically terminate the worker. Employers will need to determine if any other rights apply under the EEO laws or other federal, state, and local authorities.
12/17/2020 Employment CBS News Employers can bar unvaccinated employees from the workplace, EEOC says Mandate In general, companies have the legal right to mandate that employees get a COVID-19 shot, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said Wednesday. More specifically, employers are entitled — and required — to ensure a safe workplace in which "an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace." That can mean a company requiring its workforce to be vaccinate
12/16/2020 Other FDA December 2020 FACT SHEET FOR RECIPIENTS AND CAREGIVERS Neutral Fact sheet that is to be provided to those who get the covid vaccine. Similar to the VIS that parents get when their kids are vaxed.
12/16/2020 Other FDA 12/20201 FACT SHEET FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS ADMINISTERING VACCINE (VACCINATION PROVIDERS) Neutral Vaccination providers enrolled in the federal COVID-19 Vaccination Program must report all vaccine administration errors, all serious adverse events, cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in adults and children, and cases of C O VID-19 that result in hospitalization or death following administration of Pfizer-BioNTech C O VID-19 Vaccine. See “MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS FOR PFIZER-BIO NTEC H C O VID-19 VACCINE ADMINISTRATION UNDER EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZAT ION” for reporting requirements.
12/16/2020 Agency Rule MMWR The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ Interim Recommendation for Use of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine — United States, December 2020 Neutral Recommendations for use of Pfizer vaccine
12/13/2020 Other FDA FACT SHEET FOR RECIPIENTS AND CAREGIVERS EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION (EUA) OF THE PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE TO PREVENT CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) IN INDIVIDUALS 16 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER Choice WHAT IF I DECIDE NOT TO GET THE PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE? It is your choice to receive or not receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.
12/14/2020 Other KTTH AM 770 talk radio WA lawmaker introduces bill banning state from forcing people to get COVID vaccine Choice “So my goal is that people would be able to exercise their constitutionally protected individual rights … So if you have a religious belief, a personal belief or a physical reason why you do not want to take the COVID-19 vaccination, you should not be required to by your government because it says (in the Constitution) that your government is established to protect and maintain your individual rights,” he said.
12/14/2020 Other CDC newsletter State ACtion Plans for Vaccinating their residents Mandate State plans for getting residents vaccinated for covid
12/14/2020 Employment Mercola COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid Mandate If you are injured by a pandemic vaccine, you cannot sue any of the parties involved in getting the vaccine to you. Within one year of vaccination, you would have to file a claim with the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), run by the Department of Health and Human Services, which is also sponsoring the COVID-19 vaccination program The maximum CICP payout is $250,000 per person; however, you’d have to exhaust your private insurance policy first. CICP will only pay the difference between what your insurance covers and the total CICP payout amount established for your case To boost vaccine uptake, companies are also encouraged to make COVID-19 vaccination a condition of employment. Yet another trick used is an entirely semantic one. By renaming adverse reactions as “immune responses,” they hope people will be less likely to be concerned if they get sick from the shot
12/12/2020 Childhood Breitbart New Jersey State Lawmaker: Coronavirus Vaccine Should Be Required for Children Mandate New Jersey state lawmaker believes that the coronavirus vaccine should eventually become mandatory for children
12/11/2020 Employment Midland Reporter-Telegram Can you be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine before going back to work? Mandate But experts say that federal civil rights laws won’t protect political beliefs or skepticism about the safety of the vaccine as legitimate excuses not to get it. “There will be a good argument that vaccines are reliable, helpful and consistent with business necessity such that employers will be able to require them with certain exceptions,” Muskat said.
12/7/2020 Employment CNBC Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine Mandate “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t, fire them,” said Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney.
12/11/2020 Employment JDSUPRA New York Lawmaker Wants To Require COVID-19 Vaccine: What Employers Need To Know Neutral While we await specific guidance from the EEOC, its commentary concerning mandatory flu shots – including the need to consider employees’ reasonable accommodation requests – provides a good roadmap for evaluating the question of whether you will be able to require your employees to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination. Although the EEOC has advised employers to encourage flu shots rather than requiring them, it has not prohibited employers from requiring the shots, especially when the flu is severe.
12/8/2020 Tracking Forbes CDC Will Collect Personal Data On Vaccine Recipients, Raising Privacy Concerns Neutral "The Centers for Disease Control will collect the names, addresses, ethnicities and birthdays of coronavirus vaccine recipients, raising concerns that the federal data collection effort will dissuade Americans from getting inoculated. The CDC is asking states to sign a data sharing agreement to hand over the personal information of vaccine recipients "to generate a comprehensive picture of COVID-19 vaccine uptake nationally.""
11/20/2020 Employment What laws exist to protect employees from vaccine mandates? Choice FDA Guidance on EUA Vaccine Refusal: Some COVID-19 vaccines may be authorized for use under FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). As of November 20, 2020 the FDA has stated that vaccines in use under EUA status require that recipients of these vaccines are informed they have the right to refuse the vaccine and be made aware of any alternatives to that product
12/10/2020 Employment Medpage Oped Op-Ed: Don't Vaccinate Healthcare Workers First — Our job is to save lives, so let's put those at highest risk for severe illness and death first Neutral Joel Zivot MD "That's why I respectfully disagree with the CDC that healthcare workers be among the first in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine."
12/4/2020 Other FIU, Florida International University News Americans should embrace COVID-19 vaccines for the common good, says FIU's Global Health Consortium director Mandate Dr. Carlos Espinal of the Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work believes the benefit of widescale vaccination should override individuals’ reasons for saying “no” to the shots.
11/30/2020 Other Greenmedinfo COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even Among Medical Professionals Neutral Despite this, officials at the forefront of the COVID response plan to combat vaccine safety concerns and hesitancy using, what some are calling, questionable psychological techniques.
12/3/2020 Tracking CNN Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say Neutral Every dose administered will be reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Claire Hannan, executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers. The CDC did not immediately respond to CNN's inquiry about whether such a database would include a record of everyone immunized.
12/4/2020 Other Life Site News Pfizer COVID jab warning: No breastfeeding, avoid pregnancy for 2 months, unknown fertility impacts Neutral A safety instructions document published by the UK government states 'For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination'
11/28/2020 Employment NY Post FDNY won’t require medics and firefighters to get new COVID-19 vaccine Choice “Vaccination will NOT be mandatory, but the Department recommends that members consider the overall benefits,” Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro and Chief of Department John Sudnik wrote in the order, obtained by The Post.
12/3/2020 Other News ADPH says no vaccine mandate coming; senator says exemptions needed in case Choice Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, said he does not expect a COVID-19 vaccine mandate from State but said he wants to start consideration of exemptions for any possible future mandates. . “ADPH does not believe there to be legal authority for the State Health Officer to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations.”Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris
12/4/2020 Employment JDSUPRA - Baker Ober Health Law COVID-19 Vaccinations: Should You Require Employees to Take Them? Choice OSHA guidance may ultimately indicate that COVID-19 vaccinations may be encouraged or offered while other measures are required.
12/3/2020 Other Track the Vax weekly podcast, printed in Medpage FDA Chief Vows Transparency in Vaccine Approvals — Commissioner Stephen Hahn joins the podcast for our premiere episode Neutral We've heard some of these companies say that once this is unblinded we'll probably offer this vaccine to the placebo group, which could really be detrimental to those long-term follow-ups and surveillance.
12/3/2020 Other Medpage Want to Know More About mRNA Before Your COVID Jab? — A primer on the history, scope, and safety of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics Neutral "A possible concern could be that some mRNA-based vaccine platforms induce potent type I interferon responses, which have been associated not only with inflammation but also potentially with autoimmunity," they wrote. "Thus, identification of individuals at an increased risk of autoimmune reactions before mRNA vaccination may allow reasonable precautions to be taken."
12/3/2020 Employment Medpage Should Docs Who Had COVID Still Get the Vaccine? Neutral "As far as I understand, the people who have become sick with COVID have some immunity, and the immunity might be long-lasting," he told MedPage Today. In fact, Zivot thinks healthcare workers -- previously infected or not -- should not be first priority at all.
11/20/2020 Agency Rule FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines Explained Choice FDA must ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed, to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances, that FDA has authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, of the known and potential benefits and risks, the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown, that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine, and of any available alternatives to the product.
12/3/2020 Employment Winston-Salem Journal COVID-19 vaccine won't initially be mandatory for Novant, Baptist employees Choice Dr. Christopher Ohl, an infectious disease expert at Wake Forest Baptist, said during his weekly COVID-19 update Thursday that “I think that it’s not going to be mandatory" for individuals to take the COVID-19 vaccine. "You can’t make something mandatory while it’s under a (federal) emergency use authorization. When it’s received full FDA approval, we’ll see what the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices says.
11/30/2020 Business Access Breitbart UK Govt to Roll Out ‘Vaccine Stamps’ in Passports by Next Year: Report Mandate The British government is reportedly set to introduce vaccine stamps in passports by next year for those who have been inoculated against the Chinese coronavirus, ostensibly to boost the travel industry.
12/1/2020 Employment NPR As COVID-19 Vaccine Nears, Employers Consider Making It Mandatory Mandate McDeavitt says Baylor will impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate but not before they can actually get enough supply to cover everyone and it's been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration and Baylor's own epidemiologists, vaccine scientists and infectious disease doctors.
12/1/2020 Business Access The Hill Airlines set sights on digital passports for COVID-19 vaccine Mandate The travel industry is moving ahead with plans to ensure a coronavirus vaccine means tourism and travel, both domestically and internationally, can quickly be revived.
11/28/2020 Emergency Powers Global News Jason Kenney says COVID-19 vaccination will not be mandatory in Alberta Choice “COVID-19 vaccinations will not be mandatory, not in Alberta,” he said. “In fact, our government will amending the Public Health Act early next year, when the legislature comes back. We’ll be making a number of amendments to the Public Health Act.” Currently the Public Health Act outlines that the cabinet can order the immunization or re-immunization of persons when there is a public health emergency or epidemic.
11/27/2020 Emergency Powers Spectrum News 9 DeSantis Won’t Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine, GOP Lawmaker Fears Next Governor Might Choice “Right now in Florida, under the public health emergency statute chapter 381, they can literally take you, test you, quarantine you, but also force you to take a vaccine. They can restrain you and force you to do that,” Central Florida Republican state Rep. Anthony Sabatini said. “The powers have not been used yet, but they’ve been on the books for over 25 years and it’s important that Floridians know that this power can’t be exercised by government, because it’s just too much an invasion of their personal liberties.”
11/23/2020 Employment Military News For Now, US Troops Won't Be Required to Get New COVID-19 Vaccine Choice But as the two departments sort out the details on who should receive the vaccine and where, DoD officials stressed it will not be mandatory for U.S. service members, at least for a while. According to officials, the vaccine will remain voluntary as long as it is authorized under emergency conditions and doesn't have official approval from the FDA.
11/28/2020 Other Business Insider Let's pay people at least $1,000 to get a COVID-19 vaccine, some top economists and a former 2020 presidential candidate say Neutral "Unlike previous payments, this is stimulus tied to socially responsible behavior. So society is getting a benefit from handing out the money," he told Business Insider. Litan's plan includes a $200 upfront payment for individuals, with the last $800 distributed when a 70% vaccination rate threshold is crossed at the state level. Such a program would cost $265 billion, per his estimate.
11/24/2020 Other Urdu Point Russia plans to start mass vaccination against COVID-19 in 2021, it will be voluntary, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said on Tuesday Choice "Mass immunization is planned for 2021. I would like to stress once again that vaccination is voluntary under the legislation of the Russian Federation," Golikova told the coordination council of human rights commissioners.
11/23/2020 Liability TV news story no text Missouri lawmakers to discuss COVID liability legislation Neutral Missouri lawmakers plan to protect businesses, healthcare providers, and schools from being sued over COVID-19.
11/25/2020 Business Access Smart Company AU Qantas’ no-vaccine-no-fly mandate is absolutely legal — and not the first of its kind Mandate What about public spaces? If private companies can introduce vaccine requirements, can governments do the same? According to Stewart, the answer is yes. Local councils could implement a vaccine mandate for anyone entering a library, for example, because they own the space.
11/24/2020 Employment JDSUPRA COVID-19 Vaccine: Considerations for UK Employers Choice There is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding a future successful COVID-19 vaccine. However, based on current legislation, government announcements and medical practice to date, it is unlikely that any future UK COVID-19 vaccination programme would compel or mandate that individuals be vaccinated: consent and free choice will remain critical.
11/24/2020 Employment The Defender, Children's Health Defense Former Officer Warns Military of Pitfalls Surrounding COVID Vaccine Mandate Choice Fast tracking the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for a probable military mandate creates unparalleled dilemma for commanders who will face prodigious legal, medical, safety and ethical questions.
11/22/2020 Other Zero Hedge More Than 2/3rds Of Americans Oppose Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations Neutral Opinion polling is clear: In the US, more than 2/3rds of the population feels receiving a COVID-19 vaccine should be voluntary. What's more, only a small percentage of Americans would push to be vaccinated within the first month of a vaccine being widely available.
11/17/2020 Other Waking Times HOW THEY’LL FAKE THE SUCCESS OF THE COVID VACCINE Neutral Making a vaccine look like it’s a champion isn’t difficult for public health agencies. There are a number of strategies.
9/11/2020 Employment ANA American Nurses Association Position Statement on Vaccination, updated for COVID Neutral ANA strongly recommends that registered nurses be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, we recognize that without a well-established safety profile, the risk benefit analysis could be such that nurses choose not to be vaccinated. We do not believe nurses should be retaliated against if they do not choose to be vaccinated.
9/21/2020 Liability The Congressional Research Service The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures Neutral To encourage the expeditious development and deployment of medical countermeasures during a public health emergency, the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to limit legal liability for losses relating to the administration of medical countermeasures such as diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines.
11/23/2020 Liability Health Impact News How Will the Injuries and Deaths from Hundreds of Millions of Experimental COVID Vaccines be Compensated? Neutral How will the Vaccine Court handle all these claims that will inevitably result with widespread massive distribution of an experimental vaccine? They won’t. Anyone injured or killed by a COVID vaccine will be covered under a different program, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).
11/7/2020 Emergency Powers New York Law Journal State Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendation Mandate The New York State Bar Association on Saturday passed a resolution urging the state to consider making it mandatory for all New Yorkers to undergo COVID-19 vaccination when a vaccine becomes available, even if people object to it for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons.”
11/22/2020 Emergency Powers WAAY Channel 31 ABC TENNESSEE BILL WOULD EXPAND CORONAVIRUS VACCINE EXEMPTIONS Choice Tennessee law currently allows parents to refuse to immunize their children as long as the state is “in the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat of an epidemic.” Other sections of Tennessee statute allow parents to deny immunizations of their kids “except where the medical examination, immunization or treatment is necessary for the protection of the health or safety of others.” These exceptions would be removed according to the legislation, allowing parents to opt out of school-required vaccinations during the coronavirus pandemic. The bill also would give parents the option to cite “right of conscience” as a reason not to immunize their children.
11/24/2020 Tracking Mercola Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel Choice Forced vaccination is part and parcel of the plan to “reset” the global economic system. CommonPass is a digital “health passport” framework. When you get your test result or vaccine, that data is uploaded to an app on your cellphone. The CommonPass digital clearance system is currently being tested by some airlines.
11/19/2020 Other WFLA 8 News ‘Greatest rays of hope’: Gov. DeSantis announces statewide vaccine distribution plan Choice “Our goal is to make all safe and effective COVID vaccines available to Floridians who want them, but the state will not mandate that Floridians take these vaccines,” said DeSantis. “That is going to be the choice of each and every Floridian.”
10/23/2020 Other AP News Indiana Governor won't back Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Choice Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said Tuesday night that he would not support requiring residents to receive a COVID-19 vaccine once such immunizations become available.
11/23/2020 Other Tallahassee Democrat Florida might not force you to get a COVID vaccine — but it can. Here's why Mandate He was concerned because he'd heard the state health commissioner for Virginia, which has state laws similar to Florida, wants to have compulsory vaccinations. Rivkees already has that authority in Florida, McBride said, and as the political winds shift nationally it could affect policy in the Sunshine State. "If push comes to shove, will DeSantis have the political will to not order mandatory vaccinations?" he asked.
11/12/2020 Emergency Powers Competitive Enterprise Institute/Wall Street Journal We Don’t Need Government Mandates for Covid Vaccination Choice Covid isn't smallpox. Don't need government mandates. "While courts have upheld state vaccine mandates in the past, a societywide mandate would be overbroad and unduly coercive. Private initiatives will work better."
11/11/2020 Business Access Billboard How Ticketmaster Plans to Check Your Vaccine Status for Concerts Mandate Ticketmaster - Here's how it would work, if approved: After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection) or test negative for coronavirus approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert.
11/16/2020 Business Access Time Tokyo Olympics May Require Vaccination for Athletes, Fans Mandate Olympics - “In order to protect the Japanese people and out of respect for the Japanese people, the IOC will undertake great effort so that as many (people) as possible — Olympic participants and visitors will arrive here (with a) vaccine if by then a vaccine is available,” Bach said. “This makes us all very confident that we can have spectators in the Olympics stadium next year and that spectators will enjoy a safe environment.”
11/23/2020 Business Access BBC News Covid: Vaccination will be required to fly, says Qantas chief Mandate Qantas Airlines - International air travellers will in future need to prove they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to board Qantas flights, the airline says.
11/22/2020 Other Bloomberg U.S. Plans First Vaccinations in Weeks, Warp Speed Head Says Neutral Larry Merlo, chief executive officer of CVS Health Corp., said on CBS that once a Covid jab is approved, “48 hours after we receive that vaccine” the pharmacy company will be in long-term care facilities “providing that vaccine into the arms of our elderly.”