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Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policy and Resolution, DC Council Employees

Location: DC
Title: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policy and Resolution, DC Council Employees
Action Required:


POLICY I. Mandatory Vaccine

All employees must complete an approved COVID-19 vaccine series and provide proof of full vaccination by October 31, 2021. All new hires must present proof they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than one week prior to their start date or submit a Request for Vaccine Exemption Accommodation Form.

These reporting requirements apply to all employees and new hires except those granted a religious or medical exemption. The Council establishes this mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for all Council employees, except for individuals with a religious or medical exemption (see definition below in Section III), because immunization is critical to controlling the spread of the virus.

The decision to require vaccinations was made after review of information from health experts and federal and local agencies. Except as otherwise noted, for the purposes of this policy the term “employee” includes councilmembers; volunteers; interns; fellows; detailees; individuals, other than vendors, who provide services to a councilmember’s office or a Council committee pursuant to a personal services contract; and vendors who perform work on-site at the Wilson Building.

In addition to this policy, bills has been introduced B24-0424 and B24-0425 that allow the chairman to fire any Council Employees who do not comply with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and resolution PR-24-0356