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Possible bill to be introduced in Colorado Feb. 2019

Location: CO
Title: Possible bill to be introduced in Colorado Feb. 2019
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UPDATE: 2/8/2019 -  The meeting at the Capitol with Rep. Mullica was well attended.  NVIC Executive Director, Theresa Wrangham along with members of Colorado Health Choice Alliance and Del Bigtree headed up a discussion panel.  Several parents were also able to make comments.  We still don't know if Rep. Mullica will move forward with his bill or not.  

Continue to contact your Colorado State Legislators and urge them to oppose any bill that eliminates or restricts exemptions to vaccination in Colorado. 

News video about the meeting: 

Dear Colorado NVIC Advocacy Members,

I wanted to let you know that NVIC Advocacy is aware that Rep. Mullica is talking about filing a bill to restrict and/or eliminate exemptions to vaccination in Colorado. 

The bill has not been filed yet.  When the bill is filed it will be made available on the NVIC Advocacy Portal and we will track this bill and strongly oppose it.

Rep. Mullica plans on having a meeting at the Capitol on Friday, Feb. 8th, however this is not a hearing and Rep. Mullica has not provided any details on his plans for this meeting. 

If a bill is filed, it will have to have at least two public hearings, one in the house and one in the senate.

There are a few things you can do.  First, call Rep. Mullica to ask him not to file this bill and share your story of vaccine injury or why exemptions are important to you and your family.

Capitol Phone - 303-866-2931

Also, call your Colorado House Rep. and ask to schedule a meeting or a phone conversation with your House Rep.  concerning this issue.  Share your personal story. 

Encourage friends and family to register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal to be informed and stay updated on any bills that are introduced concerning vaccine issues in Colorado.


Cindy Loveland

NVIC Colorado State Director

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