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info. on Meningitis vaccine

Location: NJ
Title: info. on Meningitis vaccine
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Is Bacterial Meningitis enough of a threat to limit a person’s

rights to refuse vaccination?

According to the manufacturers’ package inserts, the rate of “serious adverse events” from meningitis B vaccine are 2.1% for Bexsero (Novartis),

and 1.8% for Trumenba, (Pfizer).

There are approximately 320 Million people in the United States

1: 891,000 chance of suffering with bacterial meningitis

1: 6,275,000 chance of dying from bacterial meningitis 

The risk of “SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS” from the meningitis vaccine is much higher than the risk of becoming ill with bacterial meningitis.

Although bacterial meningitis can be a serious disease, it is not common and is very difficult to acquire.  The best outcomes in cases of bacterial meningitis occur when the infection is detected early and antibiotics are administered. In 2016 there were 2 cases in New Jersey, both were treated with antibiotics and fully recovered.  If all full-time college students in New Jersey receive these vaccinations approximately 5,000 students will experience “serious adverse events.” (including death from anaphylaxis)

Public Health initiatives to enhance the awareness of the early symptoms of the infection and the importance of securing appropriate treatment would be impactful.  Mandates and requirements are not warranted based on the physiological properties of the infection and the numbers of people impacted.

All vaccination presents a risk of adverse event. 

Vaccination is NOT GUARANTEED to protect a person from suffering with bacterial meningitis. 

Decisions for medical care must be made by patients in consultation with their doctors.

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