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Location: WA
Title: WA Proclamation 21-14.2: COVID-19 Vaccines for State, Education, Childcare, and Healthcare Workers
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The governor of the state of Washington issued Proclamation 21-14.2 on 9/27/2021, furthering previous proclamations related to COVID-19 and vaccination requirements.

This proclamation maintains a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on all state employees, as well as workers in educational settings (K-12 and higher education), childcare workers, and most healthcare providers. Individuals who provide contract work for employers of these workers are subject to the same requirements. 

The proclamation contains provisions for disability and religious exemptions and exceptions. However, employers are prohibited from accommodating these exemptions and exceptions if they know a request is based simply on personal preference of an individual, rather than a disability or sincerely held religious belief. Employers are also required to consider each individual’s need and justification for being exempted from the mandate, and are prohibited from “rubberstamping” accommodation requests.

The proclamation also states that employers are not prohibited from implementing more stringent requirements than what are provided here. – text of the proclamation. - frequently asked questions about the mandate.