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Adds mandates new for TDaP and Meningitis

Location: ME
Title: Adds mandates new for TDaP and Meningitis
Identifier: LD 473
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: None at this time
Status: Failed to move forward, died


UPDATE: 5/30/2015 - LD 473 died on May 29, 2015.

LD 473 was referred to the Committee on Health and Human Services on 2/26/2015.  This bill is presented by Representative HYMANSON of York. Cosponsored by Senator GRATWICK of Penobscot and Representatives: BROOKS of Lewiston, BURSTEIN of Lincolnville, HUBBELL of Bar Harbor and MASTRACCIO of Sanford.

These bills direct the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services to jointly amend their rules on immunization requirements for schoolchildren to establish requirements for what are commonly known as Tdap and meningitis vaccinations before the start of school year 2016-2017. - status and history for LD 473 - text for LD 473