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Expands the vaccine tracking system in NH

Location: NH
Title: Expands the vaccine tracking system in NH
Identifier: SB 130
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: None at this time
Status: Laid on the table 3/19/2015, died


UPDATE: 3/19/2015 - SB 130 was laid on the table.

SB 130 had a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 2/3/2015. The bill is still in that committee. The bill is sponsored by Senator Molly Kelly.  

This bill is an effort to re-write the statute on the vaccine registry to change it from a voluntary government program to one where every resident of the state (man, woman and child) will be either tracked for their vaccination status for every vaccine on the market now and in the future or put on a separate government list of those who do are “non-compliant” with this government registry.  This second, separate list is an effort to thwart the intent of the existing legislation that this government registry would be voluntary.  New Hampshire residents and legislators are mindful and protective of the need to preserve privacy and protect against government intrusion.  The existing law for the vaccine registry was written to provide that personal medical records could be kept private from government, while allowing the state to establish a registry and track those that desired such a program. 

RSA 141-C:20-f    II. No patient, or the patient's parent or guardian if the patient is a minor, shall be required to participate in the immunization registry. 

Creating a new requirement to submit one’s identity to the state to be kept on a second list of those who are “non-compliant with the registry” is coercive and invasive and belongs nowhere in NH law.

This bill would have no impact on any state vaccine mandates or the vaccine records kept by individuals, their doctors and schools.  Those records continue to exist.

This bill would properly be opposed and voted ITL.

 The Senate Health and Human Services committee members can be found and contacted here:

 - text, status and history for SB 130