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Makes changes to current law concerning public health emergencies

Location: AZ
Title: Makes changes to current law concerning public health emergencies
Identifier: SB 1311
Action Required: None at this time
Status: Failed to move forward, died


Last day to hear senate bills in senate committees was 2/20/2015, - senate deadlines 

SB 1311 has been introduced and is sponsored by Senators Senators Allen, Begay, Burges: Barto, Farnsworth D, McGuire, Shooter and Yee.  The bill was referred to the Rules and Health and Human Services Committees and has not moved since being introduced. 

Current law in Arizona allows the governor, in consultation with the director to issue an enhanced surveillance advisory if the governor has reasonable cause to believe that an illness, health condition or clinical syndrome caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease or a highly fatal and highly infectious agent or biological toxin has or may occur or that there is a public event that could reasonably be the object of a bioterrorism event.  

Current law also allows the director to mandate treatment or vaccination of persons who are diagnosed with an illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed to a highly contagious and highly fatal disease with transmission characteristics similar to smallpox. 

SB 1311 would add language to clarify that the governor must also consult with the Pres. of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The bill also removes the words "epidemic or pandemic disease"  and inserts "with significant numbers of deaths and illness has occurred" in the law.  This will provide protection from possible abuse of the Public Health Emergency Law in Arizona and make sure that it is only used in a true emergency.

 - text for SB 1311 - status and history for SB 1311