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Mandates flu vaccination for all employees working in facilities that provide medical care

Location: MO
Title: Mandates flu vaccination for all employees working in facilities that provide medical care
Identifier: SB 329
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: None at this time
Status: Failed to move forward, died


UPDATE: SB 329 had no activity after being referred to committee and died. 

UPDATE: 2/14/15 - SB 329 was referred to the Senate Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee.  Contact members of this committee and ask them to OPPOSE SB 329.

Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee

SB 329 was introduced on Jan. 27, 2015 and is sponsored by Senator Jill Schupp.  This bill would mandate flu vaccine for all the following health care providers:

SB 329 - This act requires all employees of public and private institutions, facilities, or agencies that are used, operated, or designed to provide health services, medical treatment, or nursing, rehabilitative, or preventative care and that are inspected by the Department of Health and Senior Services to receive an influenza vaccination every year, three months prior to the flu season. New employees or volunteers beginning work during the flu season shall be vaccinated within 2 weeks of commencing work. The Department is not required to pay for these vaccinations. Exemptions may be granted in specified situations.

The Department may conduct vaccination inspections during any other inspection of the facility. Inspected facilities not in compliance will have an opportunity to be reinspected within three months of the initial inspection. Failure to comply at that time will result in a fine which shall be applied to the costs of inspection and flu prevention education.

Exemptions "MAY" be allowed for medical or religious reasons. When the term "MAY' is used in legislation, it does not require exemptions be allowed.  

3. An exemption for the influenza vaccination requirement under this section may be granted for medical contraindications, religious beliefs, or in the case of a vaccine shortage. Employees or volunteers  requesting exemption due to medical contraindications must provide proof of medical contraindications such as a letter from a physician or medical records. Employees or volunteers requesting exemption due to religious beliefs must provide a written and signed request stating the reason for exemption. - Senator Shump legislative web page and contact information. - text of SB 329

 - text, history and status for SB 329