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Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and 16 year old students

Location: NE
Title: Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and 16 year old students
Identifier: LB 18
Stance: OPPOSE
Action Required: Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose LB 18
Status: Motion to bracket until June 5, 2015 approved on 2/12/2015, Dead


UPDATE: 1/11/2016 - LB 18, a bill to require meningitis vaccines for students entering 7th grade and at age 16, has been reintroduced.  The bill failed to move forward last session, however it was reintroduced on 1/8/2016 by Senator Krist.   The information below is for historical information.  See current info for the new bill. 

UPDATE: On Feb. 12, 2015 the sponsor of LB 18 made a motion to bracket the bill until June 5, 2015.  The definition of "bracket" in the Nebraska Legislature means to delay consideration of a bill.  So, this motion killed the bill. 

UPDATE: 2/4/2015 - An amendment was offered on 2/2/2015 that would change the bill from adding a new mandate to requiring information be given.  19 senators supported the amendment, however 25 are needed.  There is still an opportunity to bring the amendment up again and have it pass.  


1) Contact your Nebraska Senator and ask them to support the amendment to LB 18 -  AM169 that would change the mandate to require information be given. 

2) Please thank these senators for supporting the amendment: 

 Ebke, Groene, Bloomfield, Brasch, Friesen, Garrett, Hilkemann, Hughes, Kintner, Kolterman, Larson, Lindstrom, McCoy, Murante, Scheer, Schilz, Schnoor, Watermeier, Craighead - text of the amendment

UPDATE: 1/21/2015 - LB 18 was heard by the Education Committee on Jan.. 20, 2015.  No action was taken by the committee. - news article about the LB 18 

UPDATE: 1/14/2015 - LB 18 is scheduled for a hearing in the Education Committee on Jan. 20, 2015, 1:30 PM in Room 1525.  LB 18 is 5th on the agenda. - committee information 

LB 18 was introduced on Jan. 8, 2015 and referred to the Education Committee.  The bill is sponsored by Senator Krist. 

This bill would add a meningitis vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and those 16 and older beginning July 1, 2016 by adding the following new section:

Except as provided in sections 79-221 and 79-222, on and after July 1, 2016, every student entering the seventh grade and entering the academic year following attainment of sixteen years of age shall have an immunization containing the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended meningitis vaccines which meets the standards approved by the United   Public Health Service for such biological products.

Exemptions are allowed in section 79-221, so these would apply to the new mandate.  Section 22 concerns provisional enrollment. 

79-221. Immunization; when not required.

Immunization shall not be required for a student's enrollment in any school in this state if he or she submits to the admitting official either of the following:

(1) A statement signed by a physician, a physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse practicing under and in accordance with his or her respective certification act, stating that, in the health care provider's opinion, the immunizations required would be injurious to the health and well-being of the student or any member of the student's family or household; or

(2) An affidavit signed by the student or, if he or she is a minor, by a legally authorized representative of the student, stating that the immunization conflicts with the tenets and practice of a recognized religious denomination of which the student is an adherent or member or that immunization conflicts with the personal and sincerely followed religious beliefs of the student.

79-222. Immunizations; provisional enrollment; conditions.

(1) A student may be provisionally enrolled in a school in Nebraska if he or she meets either of the following qualifications:

(a) The student has begun the immunizations required under section 79-217 and is receiving the necessary immunizations as rapidly as is medically feasible; or

(b) The student is the child or legal ward of an officer or enlisted person on active duty in any branch of the military services of the United States or of his or her spouse, enrolling in a Nebraska school following residence in another state or in a foreign country.

(2) As a condition for the provisional enrollment of a student qualified for such enrollment under subdivision (1)(b) of this section, a parent or adult legal guardian of the student shall provide the school with a signed written statement certifying that the student has completed the course of immunizations required by section 79-217.

(3) The provisional enrollment of a student qualified for such enrollment under subdivision (1)(b) of this section shall not continue beyond sixty days from the date of such enrollment. At such time the school shall be provided, with regard to the student, written evidence of compliance with section 79-217. The student shall not be permitted to continue in school until such evidence of compliance is provided. - text of LB 18