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Makes changes to exemptions to vaccination

Location: NJ
Title: Makes changes to exemptions to vaccination
Identifier: A169
Stance: WATCH
Action Required: None at this time, not moving
Status: Introduced on 1/27/2016 and referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee, not moving


A169 is the same as A351 that was introduced in 2014 (see information on A351 below).  This bill has not had any activity since being introduced on 1/27/2016.  NJ bills carry over from even to odd years, so this bill is still active but not moving. -  for text, status and history for A169 put A169 in the search engine

UPDATE: 1/25/2015 - A351 has not moved since being introduced in 2014. Bills carry over to odd years in NJ.  The current session will run until 1/12/16.

A351 was introduced on 1/16/2014 and referred to the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee. The bill is sponsored by Assembly Members  Ralph Caputo and Cleopatra Tucker. 

The bill removes the current religious exemption language in NJ law and replaces it with an exemption if the student, or the parent if the student is a minor, objects to the immunization in writing, for any reason, on a form, to be signed by that individual.  The Commissioner of Health would be responsible for developing the form. 

We support exemptions to vaccination for personal and conscientious beliefs, however this bill removes the religious exemption language to vaccination from current law.  We support adding a personal or conscientious belief exemption to the current religious exemption.  We do not support removing the current religious exemption. 

 - text for A351 - text in brackets is removed, text that is underlined is new - for history and status, put A351 in the search box